Steps to Converting Email Subscribers into Buyers

Steps to Converting Email Subscribers into Buyers

Many people are of the opinion that email marketing is dead. Other prove that it skill works so it is clear that it is the old strategies that are dead. When you have a blog, you aim for high traffic, comments, sharing and most importantly subscribers. However, that is not where it ends. Once you have subscribers you need to keep them plugged and convert them into buyers at some point or the other. Here are some useful tips on how to do that.

Contacting is not the same as connecting

Well, as internet marketers, we all know that it is important to have contact information. The larger our database of people, greater is the potential of our success. But is that enough? There are numerous email marketing campaigns that are unable to perform because there is no connection. Mails are shot to thousands of users with very low opening rates. Forget converting them into buyers. The solution is in building the relationship.

Do you start pitching your new contacts right away? Is there anything else you talk to them about? Remember, it takes only a click to subscribe and another to unsubscribe. Do nothing to annoy your subscribers else they will vanish faster than they appeared. Treat them first with the things they need. How do you treat your new friends in real life? Call them over for coffee or dinner, isn’t it? Give them good quality content they can relate to. Build good relationship with them.

Don’t automate everything

It is fine to send emails in bulk as long as the receivers do not feel it. Make your email personal and human. Check the email before you send it across. Does it look like an auto-generated sales pitch and nothing else? The chances are good. Create a copy that the receivers can relate to and which speaks directly to them. Let your subscribers write to you. They feel good to know that it is a two-way relationship. Appending “Do not reply to this mail” is outright rude. Pushing sales is an outdated strategy. The new trend is to suggest and educate and let them ask for it. When you constantly communicate with them, they are assured you are a human and not a bot. And that brings immense credibility and attachment.

The call to action

Being human and connecting with subscribers does not mean that you deviate from your goal. Focus on it and proudly put it forward. If you are new and really value the relationship you have established with your subscribers, you may fear that the call to action might disappoint your subscribers. This will not be the case if you have been good. In fact, most subscribers wait for the special discounts and other offers from you. Be bold about it and say it loud and clear.

Marketing through emails can still work if you are equipped with the latest style of marketing called relationship marketing. Be friendly, add a little personality and see the amazing email marketing results for yourself.

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    I think I have finally figured out what my problem was there. I use to go to my affiliate offer page and copy an already written sales letter, hyperlink some of my links in there and just send it. I never got any conversions from that.
    Now I have attempted doing my own sales letters and read over it like you said, corrected some mistakes and although I did not get any sales, I did quite a couple of them to the order page which is a step forward for me.

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    The only thing that can make me buy something from an email is when there is a special offer. Unless there is one, I probably won’t read the email or click a link to go on the website. Sad truth, but real truth 😉

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    While the main purpose of email marketing is to sell your product or service, you actually have to “hide” that tactic from your subscribers. You use email marketing as a way to keep your target audience interested in your and your business/website. Email marketing is social. Share tips, articles, latest industry news, funny stories, etc. Pepper in sales email that “recommend” products and services, don’t sell them.
    Additionally, you can use email marketing as a way to educate by sending out scheduled emails that are step by step instructions or an e-course. Then send out broadcasts with timely information, as mentioned above.
    No, email marketing isn’t dead … it has just gotten a bad rap due to the spammers. Most average internet users don’t understand the difference between the two types of emails and those of us who use email marketing for our businesses have to work a little harder to give email marketing a better impression.

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    I completely agree with the statement, “Appending “Do not reply to this mail” is outright rude.” That statement right there tells me I am of no real importance to the sender of the e-mail. It’s a fairly insulting statement and certainly dampens my enthusiasm for the sender.
    As far as the overall idea as to whether e-mail is dead or not, I think it depends on the age group that you are attempting to target. People who are in their 20’s and 30’s are definitely mobile texters and Facebooker’s. I think people who are older are still internet savvy but do depend a bit more on e-mail as a way of communication. I would imagine we will be seeing that change over time as more and more people shift over to other options.

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    This concept of ‘connecting’ is vital… I have been working on internet marketing recently and have found that if you are able to connect via a platform… Such as asking yourself the question – where did I meet this person – it helps with sales…
    Large databases of people are there for increasing the chances of getting a hit on your product, but if you create content that is not tailored for the person and shows no emotion, then they will not generally respond.
    As a tip, create a database of real people that you know to begin with and use this database to get a high quality hit rate… At present I am getting brilliant results from the database I have created.

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      I know our Sales team is very much in this mindset. Methodically recording the contact info of every sales call. It definitely helps if your target knows you or has talked to you before.

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