This Week: SEO and PPC For More Powerful Results, Storytelling Content & Google PageSpeed Insights Update

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This Week we are back again with more Internet Marketing news; we’re covering the Google PageSpeed Insights tool update, and how to gain social media exposure through smart website design. We will also discuss the essential characteristics you need for your  Facebook Chatbots and how to combine SEO & PPC for robust results. Lastly, we will consider how to create well-crafted content in the age of storytelling. Let's dive in!

How to Combine SEO & PPC for More Powerful Results

In this article Sergey Grybniak discusses how SEO and PPC are like two peas in one pod. The purpose of SEO and PPC is the same; to attract audience toward the brand website.

Sometimes marketers have the misconception that SEO and PPC strategies have to be different. This article explains that, that's not the case at all.  Now the question is whether to combine these practices or choose only one? It is not necessary to determine which service you need; considering the importance each of these services holds, it is smart to combine both of them.

Something worth mentioning is worth repeating. It has been said over time how vital role a keyword plays in your SEO and PPC. PPC allows marketers to see which keywords are already being searched. When a brand combines SEO and PPC, then they don't have to wait for their site to appear in organic search engine result pages (SERPs) to get traffic. Long-tail SEO keywords help to identify all those keywords that are not working in your SEO campaign. Remember this tip: identifying negative keyword is a huge win-win for your SEO and PPC as you don't want to pay for unnecessary clicks. While running your organic and ad campaigns you may to collect data and analyze them. You may discover some significant information, but always use these pieces of information to refine your SEO and PPC strategies.

Keep in mind, the world of SEO and PPC keeps changing. So save yourself and be aware of all the adapting changes; SEO and PPC when done right can give your brand some excellent results.

How to Increase Social Media Exposure Through Smart Website Design

A massive amount of hard work goes behind creating social media, but all this hard work may go in vain if your social media is not linked to your website. Linking your social media to your site makes you look powerful and authentic. This article discusses how a brand through smart website design can increase social media exposure.

There numerous ways through which a brand can show social media presence, like creating social icons on your site that directs you to your social platforms. On your website, the best place to display your social media icon is where you will instantly catch user's attention. For instance, somewhere near the menu, where consumers immediately click on is the right spot to place your social media icon. The footer section also vital because it often includes the social media profile information with critical links.

So now the question is, why is it so necessary to determine where to display the icon? Along with SEO and online marketing, social media marketing is one of the critical steps that need to be followed. Social media marketing is highly effective in creating an online market and reputation, branding, and bringing traffic to the site; that’s why you must bring your social media presence and activities on the various social platforms into focus for your users.

Always remember: the more users see that you are active, the more they start taking you seriously. Hence, be as active as possible on your social media, and always link your social channels to your website.

8 Characteristics All Facebook Messenger Chatbots Should Have

Facebook Chatbots are the best way to create an engagement with your audiences. Did you know that Facebook Messenger chatbots deliver up to 80% better engagement than other channels (like email marketing or Facebook posts)?

As a brand, it is impossible to reply to every message on Facebook, and this is when chatbots play a considerable role. When creating your Facebook chatbots, it is necessary to put yourself in your audience's shoes.

Use natural language, emojis or maybe even some GIFs. An audience can be in a situation while looking for an answer from you, and an empathetic reply can give them a sigh of relief. Your audiences can be from any part of the world so make sure that your chatbots comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

A smart chatbot should be able to drive more conversions, predict what a users next question will be, and should be able to respond in multiple languages.

Breaking through with meaningful content marketing in the age of storytelling

Brian Soils, a marketing expert and principal analyst at Altimeter Group discuses on what it takes for a marketer need to know about storytelling in this era where it's become a necessity in content. When asked about the most common mistakes that marketers seem to make when it comes to storytelling, he said that his research found that 60% of the marketers don't create an accurate content strategy. They need to understand why their consumer will take an interest in their content and what their needs are. Your audiences are looking for a touch of personalization in your content — they don't want to read a content that seems like a robot has written it, they want content that gives them an answer they are looking for helps them or boosts them within their community.

Brian Soils also says that usually when marketers get a little taste of success, like more engagement or traffic to their content, they tend to believe that they have figured it all out. But that's not the case — it is essential for marketers to keep up with the current trends that are happening in content. Track the impact you are making on the people and the businesses you’re trying to reach to truly understand the utility and value that your marketing content provides.

Google PageSpeed Insights tool gets a major update with more data from Lighthouse

Google is back on the news again with its new update and this time it's about PageSpeed Insights tool.

In this article, Barry Schwartz discusses everything that you need to know about this update. Field data, Lab data, Opportunities, Diagnostics and Audit are some of what you will find on this newly updated tool. Google's page speed tool is one of the most used tools that you will find virtually every marketer using.

Why do you to know your page speed? Well, your audiences are impatient, and no one will bother to wait longer than three seconds for your page to load. For better user experience and for a better conversion rate, you need to ensure your website is ranking well in Google's search Speed update. PageSpeed Insights tool will give you suggestions of where you can make improvements to your pages, and thus increase their speed.

Click here to find out more.

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