Search Engine Market Share September 2010

Search Engine Market Share September 2010

Yahoo! sustains positive momentum

It seems the days are getting brighter for Yahoo!’s footprint on the online world. As they enter the fourth quarter of 2010, these results could only mean good news for the future of Yahoo! Although Google recorded a small dip in percentage, Google clearly continues to lead the way in mastering the Search Engine Market World.

Google Drops 1% In September

This is definitely the lowest point for Google since May when it was at 84.80%. This drop most likely occurred because of the Bing & Yahoo! partnership. This partnership created a big media stir and most likely rekindled the minds of its old user experience, which most likely steered surfers away from using Google temporarily. This is not bad news for Google however, as in October they launched the ground-breaking Google Instant Search, which we definitely predict will take back their spotlight!

Yahoo! Shines bright with Microsoft Bing

Yahoo, in conjunction with Microsoft's search engine Bing, are on track to try to slowly overtake Google’s momentum. Although Yahoo! dropped an unnoticeable market share point, they are projected to increase overtime as they are displaying their results with the new Microsoft Bing engine. Both AdCenter & Search Engine results will still be displayed on Yahoo!, but the backend workings will be run via Bing. Keep an eye on this moving search engine force for larger market share gains in the near future!

Microsoft Partners socially with

Microsoft has announced that they're teaming up together to make Internet searching more socially interactive. Now when someone uses Microsoft's Bing search engine to look for something new, one can see which Facebook friends likes whatever was searched for. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, said there was a specific reason he wanted to go with Bing. "They really are the underdog here," Zuckerberg said. "They're incentivized to go out and innovate. They have all these smart people and are trying to do all these new things." I feel Microsoft believes that Google has not had a lot of success with Social Networking. Its Google Wave social media project was cancelled in August and now Microsoft is trying to learn from those mistakes and chip away at Google’s unstoppable market share lead.

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    The Bing-Yahoo partnership seemingly has had its effect. A 2% increase since last year seem pretty impressive although the result does not overwhelm Google's performance.
    Google surely has a lot of surprises up its sleeves. Yes, Google Instant is one of them. And the world famous social network Facebook is now officially partnering Microsoft which means Google has to get a lot more social than it is now.

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