Search Engine Market Share Report October 2009

Search Engine Market Share Report October 2009

Google Sees Biggest Jump in Market Share in October 2008


Google now accounts for the single highest volume of market share in its history.  Even with the inclusion of Chinese search engine Baidu, Google now accounts for 84.53% of all searches done online.

Yahoo! continues to be the search engine losing the most market share.  This months tally is an all time low of 6.68%.  While this is still the 2nd most used search engine the gap between Yahoo! and Bing is closing every month.

Speaking of Bing, the search engine continued its own trend of very moderate growth by jumping .10% this month over the previous month to a new high of 3.49%, 

The total market share of these search engines stayed somewhat similar to the previous month at 97.73%.  Up .17% over the same time last year and 4.42% since November 2007.

In summary, Google continues to grow its market share.  Yahoo! continued its downward trend and Bing seems to be slowly gaining ground on Yahoo! for a distant second place in search engine market share to Google.

Search Engine Market Share Summary - October 2009

  • #1 Google - 84.53% of market share in October 2009. Up from 83.13% in September 2009 and up from 81.90% in October 2008.
  • #2 Yahoo! - 6.68% of market share in October 2009. Down from 6.84% in September 2009 and down from 8.68% in October 2008
  • #3 Bing - 3.49% of market share in October 2009.  Up from 3.39% in September 2009 and up from 3.19% of market share results from previous search Live and Bing.


Source: Hitslink

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    Thanks for the read. Internet marketing is an ever changing world, your monthly analysis report is for sure keeps us abreast.

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