Search Engine Market Share November 2008 – Google is Up!

Search Engine Market Share November 2008 – Google is Up!

One of the regular questions that I get from people that are interested in doing internet marketing today.  "Which search engines are generating the most traffic?"  This is a very logical question.  Twenty years back, most business knew that if they wanted business all they had to do was call the local Yellow Pages representative, choose which ad size they wanted and they would be off to the races!

Now that people have dumped their phone book in the garbage and simply go to a search engine to find what they are looking for, business owners need to know which search engines people are searching from so that they can ensure their business is front and centre.  Ofcourse, us internet marketing companies are always willing to help as well!

So without further adieu for all you business owners out there that are wondering which search engines are most popular, here is the information you have been waiting for.

Search Engine Market Share for November 2008

Search Engine Market Share Percentage Wise

November 2008 statistics show that, yes, it is true, Google has broken 80%.  While most other search engines have remained fairly static in market share of late the recent gains of Google seem to have come at the hands of Yahoo!, which has been in a steep decline of late.

As you can see if you are looking to market to consumers, Google is by far the search engine of choice by people.  Yahoo! is firmly in 2nd place with 10.47%, and Bing/Live account for just over 4%.  Rounding out the top 5 include AOL at 2% and ASK at 1%. 

Interestingly, these 5 search engines account for 99.87% of all searches done online today.  So if you were thinking of targeting any other search engine, you may want to change your line of thinking. Why bother?

As time progresses we continue to bow down to the good graces of Google.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    This is interesting! No doubt Google holds the major chunk, as always. All these search engines are doing a laudable job for quenching the search quest of plethora of population scattered over the world. Sometimes I wonder if these SEs were not there how would be the world around us.

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    Unrestricted monopoly is rather dangerous. Indications are that within a few years the entire search business will be cornered by Google and this does not bode dwell for online companies either. The day may not be far off when only paid ads will show up in Google search results and organic ranking will be a thing of the past. Google’s increasing dominance could ultimately work to the detriment of the online community.

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    As I see it, Google will continue with its search engine dominance giving the other players the option of either merging with Google or calling it quits. This may come about sooner than later.

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    Incredible it may seem in this recession stricken times, but it is on expected lines. The million dollar question now would be, How much more of the search market can Google grab? And as long as fellow search engines try to be like Google, their market share is only going to increase. For Google has ample human resources at its command to stand a step ahead. Maybe one thing that can dig its grave is a consumer backlash against the growing power and its appetite for peering into people’s privacy by collecting personal data.

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    Google, as always. Every reason why search is synonymous with googling. And the message is straight -search segment is unhurt amid bad economic weather and the number of searchers is skyrocketing irrespective of which search engine they are using.

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    It’s amazing how quickly Google has become the Goliath of search. And with no David on the horizon yet, the status quo will be maintained for some time to come. But guess it’s deserving with all the intelligent innovations and endearing enhancements they have come up with over the years. More than anyone else, Google has made the activity of searching useful to the user.

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    Google by itself has come out with an astonishing array of services so useful to us, that its like a ‘thought’ which is brought out for us.
    With the advent of Google’s supremacy over other search engines (and even applications) I hope it does not literally plagiarize private information of the users who could blindly be exposed to such vagaries.
    Nevertheless, Google’s progress in the Internet Marketing world has been commendable. Way to go Big G.

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    Googles increasing dominance could be likened to the natural selection process- the fittest shall survive.

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    Yes, there is no stopping Google, right? Google has been steadily steering it’s ship ahead and away from everyone else and now there is no looking back. Wonder when they are tough the 90% mark!

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