Search Engine Market Share May 2009

Search Engine Market Share May 2009

We are one month away from finding out what the true market share is going to be for the new, Microsoft ‘Decision Engine’ - Bing.  Given all the buzz, we are expecting that Bing is going to initially show an overall increase in market share compared to the market share that both Bing and Live were showing.  Microsoft Live is going to give Bing automatic market share because the domain now forwards to Bing as well! 

This is good news for Microsoft because over the year, they have been consistently gaining market share over all year – albeit slowly. 

This growth has not come at the hands of Google.  Instead, we have witnessed a continued downward trend of Yahoo! and all other engines.  We have been left with seeing increases in market share mainly with Google and Microsoft. 

Google Improves Market Share For First Time Since February 2009



Google Up Over 3% In Market Share Compares to May 2008

Google has continued its rise over the last year and is handily the number 1 used search engine on the web today.  The only threat, albeit small, is the initiatives being developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Bing Should Kill Yahoo! Market Share By End Of Year

Given the recent trends which have seen slow gains of Microsoft Live and drastic decreases in the people using Yahoo!, we are making the prediction that Microsoft and its new engine, ‘Bing’ could at least pull even and overtake Yahoo! By the end of the year.

Market Share Summary

  • #1 Google – 81.50% of market share in May 2009. Up from 81.38% in April 2009 and up from 78.23% in May 2008.
  • #2 Yahoo! – 9.39% of market share in May 2009.  Down again from 9.61% in April 2009 and down from 11.68% in May 2008.
  • #3 Microsoft (Bing and Live combined) – 5.43% of market share in May 2009.  Up from 5.40% in April 2009 and up from 5.36% in May 2008.
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    The Thing about the whole interface of bing is that most of the world is still using 56k and those cool tiny Preview screens on it are just slowing down the page.I am Sticking with Google.The Interface is Plain and simple and with a google Account you can eliminate results From Future Searches

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    DJ this monthly market share post is very revealing with your forthright observations and comments. Really it creates a sense of anticipation and expectation. I am a regular reader of it.
    Please keep posting 🙂

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    The world economic scene is witnessing a comeback. A good sign for marketers and customers.
    Hola, no need to wait for the end of the year, if reports are right Bing now has already overtaken Yahoo!.
    —- Bing is really cool, especially its picturesque look, search results are better than old ‘Live’.

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    Everyone predicted that Bing will further sideline Yahoo!. But I don’t think so, each one has emerged to the search engine scene with their unique features and services. So far these three are maintaining those features to impress and grab their respective shares. Now Bing is the new sensation, agreed it has some impressive features, but not enough to make a dent on existing scenario.

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