Search Engine Market Share March 2013

Search Engine Market Share March 2013

Three out of 4 search engine made a “March” upward this past month but Google continues downward. In the past 6 months Yahoo!’s and Bing’s market shares have increased month over month, while Google’s shares have down the exact opposite. And Baidu continues to play snakes and ladders with its shares. Statistics provided by Net Market Share.

Share Engine Market Share February 2013

Google Reaches New Low

Google’s search platform most definitely hasn’t changed for the worst; however, its competitors such as Facebook (and partner Bing) is changing for the better. As Facebook continues to improve its search capabilities, Google needs to expand its search functions. Actually, it seems like all three major search engines all have their targets aimed at Google, continue reading to learn how.

Yahoo In With New

When Marissa Mayer left Google, did she take some market shares with her? Yahoo! might not be putting 100% into revamping its search platform (just yet) but Mayer is re-fashioning Yahoo! as a tech company. She’s cut out the drag partnerships and its building new relationships with value companies. In case you’ve yet to hear, Yahoo just partner up with Dropbox a few days ago.

Bing Subjectship

Bing may be living in Google’s search shadow; nonetheless, maybe Bing’s playing the classic “anything you can do, I can do better” game. Bing recently released “people snippets and subjectship” which is similar to Google’s authorship. Bing may be sitting in the back seat of Google’s search engine; however, being the vehicle for Facebook’s Graph Search gives its search reach a great competitive edge.

Baidu Keeps an Eye on the Top

At the moment, Baidu can’t really compete with Google’s market share dominance, so why not develop Baidu Eye. Rumour has it, Baidu is currently in the stage of creating a prototype comparable to Google Glass.

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    Looks like while Google has ventured into other fields and projects, they started losing ground to their competitors in the field that made them. I wonder if they will attack this aggressively or just continue to do business as usual.

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    Christoffer Madsen 


    I haven’t really followed the net market share since forever, but I am really surprised to see that Bing has such a high share. I remember some programs tried to make Bing my default search engine, but I did not like it all, especially not the theme of the engine. Perhaps this is just personal preference and pseudo effects, but I still think that Google does the best job by far, and I dont see Yahoo! or Bing catching up anytime soon.

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    Looks like Bing is holding its ground, despite everything. I still primarily use Google, no surprise people still prefer it as their top choice.

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    Good stats. In the last three months, Bing and Yahoo are in a steady rise while Google in a steady fall.

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    Google still remains top of the pack, and i do not see that changing soon. Yahoo is changing and i find that commendable. Facebook still rocks, so Bing got a good partner. For Baidu, Baidu Eye is not the solution, they should have more Asian presence than sticking with the Chinese. Google still remains the most innovative of all of them, but against the competition it seems they are not doing enough or as well as they should.

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