Search Engine Market Share March 2009

Search Engine Market Share March 2009

Website Design

The right web pages for your audience — every time.

Today it’s not enough to simply get someone to visit your website. Visitors need to understand what you’re all about within seconds of landing on your web pages — whether it’s your home page or landing pages for your digital ad campaigns. That means great website design is everything for your business. That’s where we come in.

We specialize in creating impactful, responsive websites with great user experience. It’s beyond just a “good” first impression. We help you quickly showcase what your business is about, so visitors instantly know who you are and what you offer. We’ll work to best understand your audience, so there’s never any doubt that the first click was the best decision they ever made. We’ll lead them where they need to go:

Website Icon 1

Ecommerce to make purchases

Landing pages to further your campaign messages

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Special offers to push them down the sales funnel

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Contact collection to qualify leads

Why Your Website Need Us

We’re changing the meaning of responsive website design. Technology is already there when it comes to meeting the needs of a visitor’s device. That’s old news. When we think of responsive web pages today, we mean fast loading, impactful, clear messaging that leads to conversions.

Our goal is to:

Improve your
user experience (UX)

Add original, SEO
optimized content

Have a quick
loading website

social sharing

Provide easy

Reach higher
search rankings

Greatly reduce
bounce rates

Gain more conversions,
conversions, conversions

Are You Ready Take Your Business To The Top?



  • A project manager works with you and oversees your website design and development to ensure it suits your needs
  • Your input is our starting point, but we also are experts at understanding a business’ needs even if you have little input to offer
  • Our experienced team creates a plan designed for success based on your goals
  • Customization is at the core of every project; everything is tailor-made for you and your needs
  • We focus on performance, messaging, conversion rate optimization, and more to make the best website for your business and audience

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    Yes google has registered a slight downward growth. For good or bad, Google is going to be the dominant search engine online for many years into the future. The company’s massive online advertising revenue and stable of nearly 20000 highly qualified employees make it virtually unstoppable to those who engage in competing with this search giant.

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    March madness hits Google? Interesting to see the slight growth of AOL, ASK…they might have grown at big G’s cost.

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    Presently there is only one super power, down from two, and that’s Google. There seems to be no immediate challenge to its supremacy from any quarter. Google may face some ups and downs; but they are fully entrenched.

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    In a competitive market economy maintaining your market share is a tougher proposition than picking up a slice of the existing market. Google has already cornered 81% of the market and that’s a phenomenal achievement under any yardstick. Google could soon find the going tough and a minor erosion in its market share in the days to come. But their creativity will see them through. Google will still continue to dominate as the “Google’ brand is is well established.

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