Search Engine Market Share June 2014

Search Engine Market Share June 2014

Search Engine Market Share has remained fairly stable for the past couple of months with only Bing losing a significant portion of their market share. All three of the major search engines are down compared to last year at this time as the market is divided between an increasing number of alternative search engines.

Google faces censorship accusations as it deals with 70,000 EU requests to be forgotten

Following the European Union's "right to be forgotten" ruling, the American tech giant is drawing accusations of censorship from the media. Having begun deleting information, they have received over 70 000 removal requests asking for an average for 4 links to be removed. Experts are sifting through them to see which requests must be honored in order to comply with the high court ruling but it will take some time for them to work through them all. And it will take even longer to see the full extent of the effect this will have on Google and the Internet as a whole.

Yahoo Shuts Down A Bunch Of Products

Yahoo has decided to shut down a handful of products in order to make room for new breakthroughs. Among the products being shut down are Newlook Service, Research Reports,, People Search, Xobni, Yahoo Toolbar on Chrome, Yahoo Shine, Yahoo Voices, and the Yahoo Contributor Network. “Over the past two years, our teams have been incredibly focused on our mission: making the world’s daily habits more inspiring and entertaining,” says Yahoo’s Jay Rossiter. “This focus has allowed us to launch some new, exciting products while giving us the opportunity to make the core products our users already love even better.”

Bing Catapult: New Technology Delivers Faster, More Relevant Search Results

Bing has put considerably resources into a new data center project at Microsoft designed to give searchers faster and more relevant results. This Catapult project is a redesign of the data centers and machines that power Bing Search. The project began in 2012 and there are plans to recreate how Bing handles searches in the backend.

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    Christian Richardson 


    Overtime, we shall see a great change in SEO and the search engine’s
    market share. I think that search engine’s may become obsolete in the future.

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