Search Engine Market Share For April 2010

Search Engine Market Share For April 2010

The Rich Get Richer As Google Takes Another Leap

We continue to hear more about how Microsoft is taking over the search landscape for Yahoo! but as each month goes by we are all wondering whether it really matters.  While Google continues to improve its market share month after month, Yahoo! continues to tumble while Bing moved forward in mediocrity. 


Google Gains .55% Market Share In One Month

After remaining somewhat consistent and perhaps leveling off in 2010, Google achieved its highest recorded market share levels in April 2010 by attaining 86.30% of traffic according to Hitslink.

Yahoo! Down .08% Market Share from March to April 2010

We are not too sure how excited Microsoft is going to be with the takeover of the Yahoo! search page.  Yahoo has gone from a market share of 9.33% in May 2007 to a new low of 5.30%.  The downward trend continues month after month.

Bing Fails To Impress Yet Again

Despite many positive reviews, and lots of interesting advertising Bing has not made any market share impact over its predecessor Bing or Live.  Since entering the market in June 2009 at 2.96% Bing market share has only increased by less than .20%.  Hardly what Microsoft had been hoping for. 

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