Search Engine Market Share February 2009

Search Engine Market Share February 2009

Another month and another increase in the prophetic search market share for Google.  While the percentage increase may seem somewhat small, month to month the growth is actually quite rapid.  Consider that this time last year Google had a market share of 77.27% compared to a February 2009 share of 81.57% and then understand that this increase has to come at the hands of other search engines and you begin to understand the impact.

Google Makes Biggest Gain Again In February 2009

Search Engine Market Share February 2009

Google On The Rise

The continued domination of Google search continues.  The continued trend has traumatic impacts on the way the company does business.  Since 4% more people search on Google then they did at this time last year, think about the impact that Google Adwords revenue has.  Also consider the impact of having the toolset of Google exposed to 4% more searchers and also the fact that Google is acting as a traffic director for this increase.

Microsoft Search Beginning to Incline

The trend also reveals some interesting information about the rise of the Bing and Live search product over the last year.  While the overall market share is down for Bing and Live from this time last year the trend over the last several months is that it has begun an incline – especially the Live product.  Do you think Bing is excited about Kumo?

Yahoo! Continues the Downward Spiral

The rise of both Google and Microsoft over the last year is coming at the expense of Yahoo!  Is anyone surprised that they are aggressively delving into other areas of business?  Is 2009 finally going to mark the sale of Yahoo! to one of the search giants marked above?

Yahoo! is down to 10.07% from 10.22% in January 2009.  They are also down from this point last year where they had 12.23% of the market share.  Trouble is brewing for Yahoo!

Market Share Summary

  • #1 Google – 81.57% of market share. Up from 81.48% in Jan 2009 and 77.27% in Feb 2008.
  • #2 Yahoo! – 10.07% of market share.  Down from 10.22% in Jan 2009 and down from 12.23% in Feb 2008
  • #3 Microsoft - (Bing and Live Combined) 4.71%.  Up from 4.62% in Jan 2009 but down from 6% in Feb 2008
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    It would be interesting to see some stats on the social search engines. The ones that focus on blog and forum traffic as well as Youtube’s video traffic.

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    This is an informative article for people who are in the internet marketing arena. The majority of people search through Google but there may be a niche a very small one who will use Yahoo, MSN or others because of the only reason- they hate monopolies.

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    Search market share of Google is a matter of interest every time. In fact, Google’s search traffic is so important as it gave birth to a whole new profession, search engine optimization. SEO companies helped firms get more traffic, which translated into more viewers, which converted into more advertising dollars.

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    Yahoo, it seems has resigned to its fate and is on the verge of selling its search business. There is nothing that can stop Google from its forward match. Internet search would soon mean Googling.

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    Yahoo looks in trouble indeed. The sooner they merge with MSN, the better it will be for them. As for MSN, things are looking up after a long time. I think in Kumo they have something potentially big. And I rest my comments on Google 😛

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    Yes, seeing the figures, Google it seems has grown by over 4 percent and the growth is purely at the expense of other search engines, but Yahoo in particular. It would be difficult for anyone else to arrest and reverse this trend. Others have become insignificant players. Google is user friendly and its search results are fast and accurate; this is the only explanation as I see it for its dramatic growth.

  • avatar

    But still Microsoft is the second runner up after Yahoo & Google. Yes, Yahoo is experiencing a low-down, but my choice is yahoo second to Google.
    I am eager to know how next month’s results will be? Will March madness affect these ‘prophetic’ search shares?

  • avatar

    Another month gone and it’s the same old story I see, Google continuing to dominate. Guess they are feeling lonely at the top 😀

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