Search Engine Market Share December 2009

Search Engine Market Share December 2009

Here are the latest search engine market share results for December 2009.

The Big Three Search Engines Continue to Squeeze Out The Small Guy

For a third consecutive month Google increased overall market share amongst the online search community.  The month of December was also the first month since August 2009 that all of Google, Yahoo! and Bing all made market share gains – albeit small ones.

The total market share of the main search engines (Baidu included which is China’s search engine) is now at an all time high of 97.71%.  Further evidence of the irrelevance of search engines like and AOL.

Comparitive Search Market Share December 2009

Google Continues To Grow As Search Engine King

Google reached record market share levels in December 2009.  85.34% of searches conducted in December were completed on Google compared to 82.72% for the same month in 2008 and 80.85% in January 2008.  An increase of almost 5% market share in 2 years.  Things continue to look better and better for Google.  The more people searching on Google the more people are seeing the ads found from Google Adwords.

Yahoo! Has Slight Gain In Market Share In December 2009

After a fall in market share of more than 2% in one year and more than 4% in two years, Yahoo! is clearly on a downward spiral.  December 2009 saw a small increase in market share going from 6.22% in November 2009 to 6.29% in December 2009.  This represents an increase of .07%.  This is Yahoo!’s first market share advance in more than 6 months.

Microsoft Bing Remains Stagnant in December 2009

Bing continued its disappointing market share results in December with a share of just 3.27% – just .01% improvement over the previous month.  Bing now has an overall market share over 1% less than both Microsoft and Live had just under two years ago.  Overall, Microsoft has to be disappointed in the failure to gain ground on either of the other big two search engines.


Search Engine Market Share Summary – December 2009

#1 Google – 85.34% of search engine market share in December 2009. Up from 84.91% in November 2009 and up from 82.72% in December 2008. #2 Yahoo! – 6.29% of search engine market share in December 2009.  Up from 6.22% in November 2009 and down from 8.40% in December 2008. #3 Bing – 3.27% of search engine market share in December 2009.  Up from 3.26% in November 2009 and up from 3.03% in December 2008. (when branded as Bing and Live)

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    If you regard Bing as a startup company, other than Microsoft, Bing is very successful one in 2009.

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    Google already established their presence in the multi-million search engine business, now they need only to increase the share in one way or other way. They're the one's who know the waters well.

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    Good analysis on Search Engine Market Share .
    Overall in the year 2009, Google maintained a steady growth in search engine market share over its competitors. By this Google ascertain that it is the search engine king.

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    Exactly, the big three started swallowing the small fishes!
    Considering the earlier successive dips in shares,  it is interesting to see Yahoo!'s growth.  If this is the going trend, it is very difficult to prognosticate  what would be the figures next month. One thing is sure, finally there would be three dominant ones on the global scene, but local players  like Baidu can mar or make the chances of  these big three.

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