Search Engine Market Share December 2008 ? It’s Still Google

Search Engine Market Share December 2008 ? It’s Still Google

The Search Engine Market Share results are in.  Why is this important?  Well for many reasons!  If you are a business owner then you probably want to know where people are searching for products and services similar to yours so that you can make sure you are setup.  The ‘searcher’ inside of you likely wants to know where people are searching so they can see what all the buzz is about.

Google Continues its Rise in Prominence

Chart showing Google's Prominence

Not surprising given the current issues going on at Yahoo! it appears that both Google and Bing/Live continue to gain ground in the search market.  Yahoo! and AOL both continue their own downward trend.

  • Google search is now up from 81.11% to 81.26%
  • Yahoo! search is down from 10.47% to 10.43%
  • Bing/Live search are down from a combined 4.56% to 4.55%

2009 Organic Search Predictions

  • Look for some social search utilities to possibly make an appearance in 2009.  It is certainly possible.
  • Look for continued rise of search personalization to effect rankings, although not nearly as much as is being discussed.
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    The most interesting thing is that Google is just not resting on laurels. They have been putting the thinking cap on and their innovative hands are always at work. And that is reflected in their success. Maybe the one thing that they should focus now is on social search. As the post predicts social search is going to be BIG thing.

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    Yes there is no stopping Google. If Yahoo! combines with Microsoft Live that should make the game more interesting. But it’s still going to be a tough task to catch up. The real sob story has been Yahoo!’s.

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    Yahoo really is on a downward trend, statistics prove that. They are down but still not out. They have the resources and the wherewithal to bounce back. Google is rising but if history offers any indicartion, it is that Google’s rise may be halted and we may see a reversal of fortunes.

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    Google rules search, right? And it is not without reason. They give more to the users than anyone else with their innovations. And as long as users get what they want why should they search elsewhere???

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