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Search Engine Market Share August 2009

Internet Marketing September 1st, 2009



Google Takes A Fake Jump In Market Share

According to Hitslink, Google took a large jump in search engine market share in August 2009.  The jump although representative of current trends was a move to correct automated traffic that was being generated on Chinese search engine ‘Baidu’.

This correction also resulted in a nominal improvement in market share for Yahoo! and Bing.

Considering the reallocation of Baidu market share however, the real improvements for both Yahoo! and Bing may actually have been negative.  Microsoft cannot be happy about the failure of Bing to show continued improvement or build upon the initial buzz from June 2009.

Search Engine Market Share Numbers August 2009


Google Gets Boost To Market Share Thanks To Inaccurate Data on Baidu

With a market share rate of 83.33%, Google now enjoys the highest market share rate in its history.  The rich keep getting richer.  Several other innovations are expected to launch (including Caffeine) quite soon.  We will see shortly the reaction that visitors have to the upgrades made by Google.

Yahoo Gets A Slight Boost In Market Share

While Yahoo! is launching all kinds of innovations as a company the interest in their search engine continues to dwindle.  In November 2007, the market share was at 10.86%.  In August 2008, market share was 9.68%.  Even with the latest Microsoft announcement the improvement has been negligible as the search engine now has a market share of 7.28%.

Bing Market Share Stays At About Same Rate As When It Was Live

That’s right.  Back in August 2008, the market share for Bing was 3.88%. If you accounted for the market share of both Live and Bing (before Bing’s launch) the share has remained stagnant.  Bing has shown a 3.52% market share in August 2009.

Market Share Summary – August 2009


  • #1 Google – 83.33% of market share in August 2009. Up from 78.45% in July 2009 and up from 80.45% in August 2008.
  • #2 Yahoo! – 7.28% of market share in August 2009. Up from 7.16% in July 2009 and down from 9.68% in August 2008.
  • #3 Bing (and Microsoft search portals Live and Bing) – 3.52% of market share in August 2009. Up from 3.17% in July 2009 and up from 3.37% in August 2008.

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    Search Engine Market Share August 2009

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