Put A Little Personality in Your Email Newsletters

Put A Little Personality in Your Email Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to humanize your online marketing campaign. Newsletters give you a way to connect with customers one on one in order to effectively convert sales. However, email newsletters are often boring, stale and are usually deleted within a moment of glancing through the copy. To take advantage of this marketing opportunity, try to add some personality.

“No doubt there are various dictionary definitions [of personality], but I prefer to think of it like this: If content is what you say, then personality is how you say it. It's the sum of all the distinctive characteristics that make your newsletter's voice and writing unique--your style, tone, humor, emotion, vocabulary, attitude and more.” – MarketingProfs.com

Really Understand Your Audience

I know you’ve heard this time and time again, but in this case it truly is critical to your success. When you know who your customers are you can talk to them directly. While it would be rather inefficient and time consuming to pick particular customers and send them a personal letter, you can cater your newsletters to the specifics you know about your customers as whole; not just spit out the product information you hope to get across that week. Luckily, you can be pretty basic here:

  • The gender of your general audience
  • The age group, as this can help in determining what they want to know about you and what they deem as valuable
  • What they want from you, which will allow you determine content

Be Conversational

The most important aspect of any email marketing campaign is coming off as a human, not a giant corporation or robot. To do that, you have to be conversational in your tone. TacticalExecution.com suggests, “The probability of having a conversational text-based email read are far greater than having a standardized and html-formatted newsletter read and it’s because recipients perceive the former as a personal message and the latter as spam.” To get through to the customer, try the following.

  • Read it out loud: Do certain parts of your text sound strange when said aloud? That probably means that they are not conversational – find a more casual word or phrase.
  • Talk, don’t sell: If you’re having a basic conversation, you’re usually not selling to the person. Newsletters are a great marketing tool because you can get into their everyday life without them having to seek you out – not so you can utilize another medium to bombard customers with advertisements and product promotion.

Share Company Information

Another great way to add personality and a one on one feel to your email newsletter is to talk about yourself a little. While this isn’t the place to get into personal details about your life, it’s a great way to help your customer relate to you. This builds the rapport that you hope to achieve in an email newsletter. Some ideas to consider:

  • 5 random facts about the company, CEO, partner, etc
  • Big things happening this week (month, whatever the newsletter frequency is)
  • Link to new photo album on Facebook or Google+

Use Your Sidebar More Effectively

The sidebar area of your newsletter can be used to address various topics, not having to do with your business that your customers may find valuable. Many blogs do a “link roundup” or something of the sort, and you can do something similar here.

  • Address trending topics
  • Link to valuable articles from authoritative sites within your niche
  • Highlight popular Tweets about the company

Adding a splash of personality to your email newsletter will bring mroe value, giving your customers a reason to actually read and potentially hold onto it. When they can relate to you, you build value and customer loyalty.

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    Personally engaging your customers would definitely bring in more sales and conversions rather than just the regular, generic newsletter blog that would bore the reader, promting the reader to unsubscribe or be labeled as spam mail. Though it would take up more time, personalizing your newsletter is definitely worth it in the long run.

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    Yes, so many emails are bland boring and nothing out of the ordinary. That stuff about talking rather then selling is also great advice. People are used to the usual marketing and sales speak so to use ordinary face to face language can produce longer working relationships with clients.

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    I couldn’t agree more with the “be conversational” advice! I can’t tell you how many emails I delete after the first sentence, or just based on the subject. However, for those emails that have a subject that grabs my attention or that I’m not even sure what it means (but it doesn’t look like spam), I am much more likely to open and read.

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