Bing Terminating Bell Sympatico Portal Deal in Canada?

Bing Terminating Bell Sympatico Portal Deal in Canada?

Bing Developing a New Search Engine-KumoThere have been rumblings coming out of the Microsoft world that Bing is testing a new search platform entitled Kumo. If successful, the name will certainly change from it's test moniker to something better suited to the Microsoft corporate identity or the 'Live' brand.

Evidence of the continued growth of the Bing platform can also be felt in Canada.  I have received reports from undisclosed sources that Bing is severing its relationship with the Canadian carrier of the Bing product called Bell Sympatico.  The unsubstantiated source stated that Microsoft Canada is looking to purchase Bell's interest in the search portal to ensure 100% ownership. The interest in doing this could stem from the new search platform in development by Bing.  It could be easier for Bing to implement this new engine to all of their search platforms with proper ownership.

From a company wide perspective this report is not surprising.  We have received far less support from our Toronto based Sympatico office over the last several months.  Follow through on this action would mean the need to develop a completely new support system for agencies and search firms.

While this announcement is from a trusted industry source it is still unsubstantiated.  We would be interested to hear any comments from other partnership portals in other countries with regards to ownership stakes and/or impending changes that will drastically affect they way they look and work.

A change like this definitely has the ability to drastically affect the search engine landscape.  Exciting times in the search engine marketing industry!

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    Heard that MSN is heading for a wide search industry plan in the coming months. And its much awaited new search platform ‘kumo’ is cooking in the cauldrons. There is a lot to expect but it remains to be seen how effective Kumo would be, especially when it is a Microsoft product πŸ˜‰

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    Talking of deals there is one deal that everyone is eagerly waiting for, the MSN Yahoo deal! Wonder when that is going to happen.

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    Well I am not sure how much actual “innovation” there is with Kumo. Haven’t heard about any algorithmic alteration that can deliver a better search experience. More of a rebranding exercise it looks to me. And for rumours about MSN going to buy out Sympatico portal, it is a smart move with Kumo getting ready in the background.

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    That’s innovation in action from MSN it seems. From what I’ve read about Kumo there is a lot to watch out for. Maybe a bit late in coming when compared to Google but guess it’s better late than never. And I am not surprised that Kumo in Japanese means cloud!

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    Gee, great news! I haven’t been confronted with any such news so far. What you said might be the exact reason -to give extensive support to their new search platform ‘Kumo’. Whatever be the games, will Microsoft can outpace search market percent of Google (according to recent stats its more than 60%)or Yahoo(currently 21%). Microsoft trails with 8.5 percent.

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