This Month: Top Digital Marketing Stories [Podcast]

This Month: Top Digital Marketing Stories [Podcast]

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

This week in Internet marketing, we've recapped the most helpful and insightful articles from our September weekly roundups. We’re looking at common SEO mistakes blogs make, as well as snackable social media content, and tips to boost your PPC strategy. We’re also looking at content strategy creation, and common landing page conversion mistakes.

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5 Easy-to-Miss SEO Mistakes Blogs Make


This month, SearchEngineLand author Kristopher Jones explores five common SEO mistakes marketers make on their blog. Jones recommends optimizing keyword structure to include informational, long tail keywords – the how, what, when, where and why. On September 19th, we shared his other tips in our weekly roundup. A few tips to keep in mind: include three to five internal links per post, keep your copy aesthetically pleasing and easily scannable, and promote content on social.

How to Create Snackable Content for Social Media Growth


Dhariana Lozano from Social Media Week introduced us to a hot new term in the social media world: “snackable content.” We love this term because, as you may have noticed, people these days have shorter attention spans and want content that pops out at them in a matter of seconds. Dhariana is all about the visuals and encourages you to use free apps like Canva or Phonto to create visual assets for your social media posts. These days, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create custom graphics that look sharp and reflect your brand voice. Folks, it’s time to add more snackable content into your social media diets. We posted this article in our weekly roundup on September 5th.

5 Ideas to Take Your PPC Audience Strategy to the Next Level


In our September 12th weekly roundup, we share Ilya Cherepakhin’s tips to elevate your PPC campaign to new heights. Our favourite tip? User segmentation. Cherepakhin recommends excluding users from your remarketing campaigns who have already converted. To drive more revenue, set aside a budget to upsell these users on your products or services – or to sell them on your loyalty programs.

5 Ways To Transform Content From Adequate to Awesome


This month, our favourite tip about content marketing was published on Marketing Insider Group. Rachel Davidson talks about the importance of creating a content marketing strategy that’s aligned with the needs, goals and priorities of your sales team. With any content strategy, it starts by setting goals and defining tasks and responsibilities, but Davidson encourages marketers to bring sales into the fold from the earliest stages. For example, have sales measure customer engagement content and convey that info to the marketing team who can then make more informed decisions on content priorities. This also requires a healthy level of collaboration and communication, but let’s face it, that’s something we should all be striving for in any organization. We posted this article in our weekly roundup on September 12th.

5 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Chances At Conversion


This month, Beth Osborne intrigued us with her article titled “5 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Chances At Conversion.” Landing pages are crucial for conversions, but Beth points out a big mistake businesses make when it comes to overly-complicated forms. When someone lands on your landing page, you want them to convert within seconds. You only have a short window of time to capture your visitor's attention, so don’t scare them off the page with a never-ending form to fill out. This tip couldn’t be more relevant for small to medium business, as you want to vet out quality leads without requiring too much of your visitor upfront. It’s important to nurture your leads and if your landing page creates a great user-experience for your visitor, you’ll be open for business in no time! We posted this article in our weekly roundup on August 29th.

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