Massive changes with Google!

Massive changes with Google!

Massive changes with Google!Been on Google lately? Have you noticed the look and feel from your searches has changed significantly? Well you definitely are not the only one. I am going to try and break down all the latest of these changes from Google to bring you fresh up to date!

Google Instant Search

When searching on your PC and now even your mobile phone, your Google Search results will change instantly on the fly for you. Google introduced 'Instant Search' last month in effort to search faster then the speed of type!

Here is a list of helpful features one can expect with Google Instant Search:

Dynamic Results - Google will dynamically display relevant search results as you type. This will make it so you can quickly find and click through to any of the web content you want

Scroll to search - Google will scroll through predictions generated by its engine so you can see results instantly with the press of the 'arrow down' key on your keyboard

Predictions - Google's favourite feature of this technology is it's ability to predict the rest of your query (in the light gray text) before you finish typing!

I feel the main benefit to using Google Instant Search is obviously the time saving factor. As it becomes the core of the search experience, we here at TechWyse are excited to see the endless array of possibilities.


Google Instant Previews

Going even more beyond Instant Results, Google is now showing off its new technology, Instant Previews. This innovation puts new meaning to 'visual search' and is going to change the way one decides on clicking on an Organic result in Google. This graphic overview of a search result and takes a snap shot of the URL in full page as if you were flipping through a magazine.

So you are probably wondering how do you use it? All you have to do is click on the magnifying glass, next to the title of any search result once,  and a visual screenshot of the page will appear on the right. After this, you can easily speed up the process by hovering over any result with your mouse cursor, or like with Instant Search - you can use your arrow keys!


Google Places

With Google's constant effort of always providing the best user experience, Google Places now integrates Organic results from Google and now links them together with their Google Places account, aka Google Local Maps. Now since this is a very new converging change Google has done to a majority of search terms, you will notice the results page changing in various ways over the next weeks and months. Look at it like Google is undergoing a Process Makeover!

**Now before I continue, I want to note something very important:  the current state of Google is so inconsistent that not only has the look and feel changed, website rankings change constantly between browsers, cities, keywords and even keyword order. To top it off, whether you are logged into Google or where you are physically searching from will also factor in these inconsistencies. Heck Google's search results consistency could be changing as we speak! So bare in mind this while we go over our professional observations of The Google Places changes so far.**

1. Organic Results Blending with Places Page

When we search "Toronto Dentist", the following results appear:


However, if you flip the query and search "Dentist Toronto" you will notice different results.


2. Scrolling Google Maps Banner

When your Search Result triggers Google Places, then a Map of the location will appear zoomed out and on the top right hand corner of the browser. You will notice this map will follow your mouse screen as you scroll down and read the various results returned on the page.


3. Not all searches will Trigger Google Places

When searching for "web design toronto" or "toronto web design" you will notice no Google Places Results Appear. This is because Google Places Algorithm will not display results based categories that are a conflict of interest to their business process. However, if you search "web design in toronto", you will see that triggers the Google Places results just fine. This is because you are wanting to find that type of service in that location, as opposed to looking for something official or specific.

To Sum It Up

We here at TechWyse are always keeping one step a head on top of these technologies brought forth by Google and look forward to updating you on all these changes in the near future!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Hmm…this array of update from Google has had me in a tizzy. Mind-boggling piece of info and pretty handy too. It only goes to show that you need to be persuasive and quality oriented to achieve the best. Thank you for the read Anthony

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