Golden Rules For Launching a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

Golden Rules For Launching a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

Successful Internet Marketing Campaign Well, I certainly think demand for internet marketing services has improved and will continue to over the coming years. As more and more companies go online to do business and learn the ways of the Internet, the need for excellent marketing strategies will increase, as this need increases, a demand for successful internet marketing campaign will increase as well. How can that successful campaign can be generated?

This is where our Toronto based company likes to dig in and strategize.

Many people ask me for tips to ensure the rollout of a strong internet marketing campaign.

So without further adieu, here are my golden rules:

Defining Your Goals

You’ve finally started your online business. Now you need to have a successful internet marketing campaign. You can kick-off your campaign by identifying your goals early on and make everything you do propel yourself toward that goal.

Defining Your Customer

Every online business caters to the interests and demands of customers in one form or another. Identifying your customer is your next step. For example, if you are a luxury class hotel in Philadelphia, your customers include travelers, business people and more. Here you might be defining a broad segment of customers.

Determining Your Target Audience

You need to further understand your customer landscape for promoting your campaign to the right audience. If your campaign is to be successful it must be focused at the right customer. For instance if you’re an ‘affordable luxury class hotel’, obviously your customers will be people looking for both of those qualities. You need to know exactly who you are after and make sure the promotional medium you use is correct. Also don’t allow yourself to get too narrowly focused!

Deploy A Follow-up System

What to do once you get someones name to call? Seldom will you make a business deal the first time you get into contact with a potential customer. According to stats it may require 7 contacts before the prospect buys your product or service. So you must keep a strong follow-up system for making your campaign more effective. Get their email contacts and consent to keep in touch with helpful information for them and make sure you do it properly. This will improve your conversion rate.

Dash An Irresistible Offer

Ultimately you want people to buy right? Make your offer irresistible! Your offer should make them feel great enough to buy. Allowing the customer to make an easy first purchase can fetch your site a good first impression. The customer will in all probability come back to you for purchases since they have a previous pleasurable experience with you.

Discern The Lifetime Value Of A Customer

It might cost you something to win a customer but the costs pale in comparison to the value he may add to your business in the long term. This is the way you should build a long lasting relationship with your customers, that makes much sense to your business.

Dispose A Valuable Tracking & Monitoring System

For gauging the success rate of your campaigns you need to gather information to measure the effectiveness of your campaign, total inquiries, how many succeeded to make a profit over the lifetime of the customers etc. Also if it’s a long term campaign these figures can tell you if you need to make modifications along the way.

Dissect And Improve Campaign

Last but not the least is analyzing the figures you got from tracking your campaign.  If it’s not you need to find out why by checking the above said elements- whether the offer is not working, was there too much risk for the customer, was it of the advertising medium, or was it because of our improper follow-up. This will give light on what went wrong and how you can fix it to make the campaign successful. Keep trying till you find the win-win formula.

So what next?  I particularly like an article written by our own “DJ” explaining what things you should look for when choosing your internet marketing company.

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