Improving Conversion Rates With Landing Page Optimization

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The most important thing to do when developing your landing page is to ensure you understand what the goal of the web page is.  In the internet marketing world this is what we call landing page optimization. On an ecommerce site your final goal is usually for somebody to purchase something. On most other business oriented websites the goal is to generate a lead online.  Hence, the goal is to get the visitor to fill out a form online or call you. Either way you have to ensure that your landing page is fully optimized so that the end goal can be completed without any obstacles.

The biggest issue we see these days with landing pages are that there are too many obstacles in the way of completing the goals.

Developing Your Call To Action

Your landing page should be as clear as concise as possible. The elements that will help complete the final goal should be front and centre on your landing page. You want to ensure that your call to action is the thing that visitors can see above anything else.Any other navigation or graphical elements can distract from your call to action – so keep it to a minimum. Your call to action should be clearly understood and easy to find.Everybody wants to have a pretty web page however, if a visitor comes from an advertisement whether that be a banner or PPC ad, they want to know that this is where they’re supposed to be.If they click on an ad for headphones for example, they don’t want to be taken to a web site with pictures of speakers on it. When they come to the website and they see a picture of headphones and a description about your headphone products they are likely to feel that that site is relevant.

Not only should your pictures be relevant to what the advertisement was, your ad copy on the landing page should be written for that visitor as well. In this case, you want to make sure your headlines talk about headphones. You also want to make sure that your title tags are optimized for that page to also talk about headphones.

Get To The Point With Your Forms

If you have a form on your landing page (as you should), make sure that you are capturing the minimum amount of information possible in order to call your lead.If you request too much information on your form, your visitor is likely to leave your site and go somewhere else.Whereas, if you capture only the fields necessary to be able to contact your perspective customer, they will be more likely to complete your form and complete your goal.

One of the things a customer wants to make sure of is how their information is going to be used. It’s very important on your landing page that there’s a privacy policy that clearly states how the information on your form is going to be used. This will give customers the confidence in knowing that their information isn’t going to be sold to any other distribution lists and that they will not get spammed later on.

Remember, a well optimized landing page will go a long way to increasing the quality score on your pay per click ad which will result in better click through rates and lower your overall cost per click!

This is only the first start in landing page optimization, keep watching here over the next few weeks where I will discuss more landing page optimization and hints and tips.

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    I’m just launching up a new landing page for my campaign. I have revised it considering these points.
    And  I’ve got this link bookmarked. Thanks for writing it, and for posting it.
    Please share your thoughts about the color aspects to be employed in  landing page optimization.

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