Internet Marketing Week At A Glance – Dec 14 09

Internet Marketing Week At A Glance – Dec 14 09

It seems that over the last few months there have  never been so much important news in the internet marketing world.  The theme of this period has been innovation;   Innovation in search (thanks to Google) and innovation in social media.  Here are some of the highlights mentioned over the last week.  I would highly recommend getting your speakers out and watching the 2 videos provided in this weeks post.

TechWyse Highlights

Do You Want Your Ads Up During The Christmas Break?


This is a question we get from many of our clients.  Should companies continue running pay per click ads during the Holiday break.  It is something we cannot offer one answer for.  In general what we tell our client base that if you have a product or service that people may be more apt to search for from home then leave them on.  If you work primarily in business to business we have shows historically a weaker cost per lead.  If you do have high margin however, on any conversion you make this may not make a difference.

The final thing we recommend considering is during the holidays do you have someone on staff to follow up quickly?  Since reaching out to interested clients quickly is a big factor in conversion this should also be a large factor in deciding whether to continue running your pay per click campaigns.  What ever way you choose make sure you have a game plan and talk to us if you need help!

January 2010 Is Just Around The Corner – Have You Setup Your Online Budgets?


By now you should have a very firm idea of what your online spend is going to be in 2010.  If you have yet to determine this we do offer 2 services to help you determine which direction you should be going.  This covers a website development and conversion audit, budgets for traffic building services and suggestions for measuring campaign effectiveness.

For existing clients we suggest completing a ‘campaign service review’ and for companies looking to get involved the internet marketing arena we can perform a ‘service recommendation audit’.  In both cases we explore what you are currently doing, results you are receiving and recommendations for moving forward.  Help is just around the corner.  Just ask and you shall receive!

 Internet Marketing Week At A Glance – Dec 14

The Future Of Search – Understanding the Power of Mobile

presentation For those interested in understanding where search is going in the coming years, this is one of the most entertaining videos that I have watched in recent memory.  In short – its mobile!  This video is available to anyone that leaves their email address and is on-demand.  It explains how we really are still in the infancy of not only the Internet but personal computing itself.  This video covers such things as voice search, mobile computing, improving local search, finding products online, We are just in the beginning!

Real Time Search

latest-resultsIf you are a regular searcher then you will have noticed that Google started displaying more results this week.  Search ‘Tiger Woods’ and you’ll see all the latest news releases, & Twitter updates on the subject plus all the usual news.  We just ‘tweeted’ on Twitter and then went to Google and typed in ‘TechWyse’ and guess what we saw?  Our ‘tweet’ to the world was the number one listing.  Growing evidence of the power of social media.  Yahoo! also made a similar real time search announcement last week.You can watch a very informative video below which explains all the hype in under 90 seconds.  Wonderful.

Google Talks About Ad Policies


A nice quick year in review by Google of current ad policies for pay per click clients.  Here are some helpful hints for those that want to ensure they are doing all they can with their written ads in pay per click.

Yahoo! and Bing Blogs Still Quiet


Although it has been this way for quite some time it is probably worth mentioning.  Both Yahoo! and Bing are the next biggest search engines to Google, yet they continue to tell us very little about what is going on in search on their respective blogs.  This is perhaps evidence of their lack of innovation in the world of search – although we hope differently!

Internet Marketing Summary

This week we saw a few very powerful videos and also were reminded that we really are at the very beginning of this powerful internet marketing industry.  We are no where near where we will be several years from now.  If we look back several years you can clearly see the rapid advancement already!  Google clearly reminded us of this in the past week.

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    Indeed a very interesting segment. I’m a regular follower of it. I love reading this series. Its a good follow-up post for those who’ve didnt catch the latest from the internet world.
    If Google has a monthly-wise search query list, this time it would be Tiger Woods 🙂

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