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Happy Tuesday everyone!

This week we’re back with more exciting news in the world of internet marketing. We'll look at Google sending notices to sites that have mobile-first indexing issues. As well,  Google’s penalties on guest post articles and banning 500+ malicious extensions. We'll see how blockchain will dominate the digital advertising industry this year. Finally, we'll look at the benefits of using marketing automation in your business.

Google's Mobile-First Indexing to be Applied to all Sites within a Year

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

Google is sending out "mobile-first indexing issues detected" alerts via Google Search Console. These emails sent by Google communicate the issues Google has while moving the site over to mobile-first indexing.

The notice sent by Google says, "Google expects to apply mobile-first indexing to all websites in the next six to twelve months." Google is trying to be proactive and notify sites that have not yet moved over to mobile-first indexing. They give specific advice on what the sites need to do to become mobile-first indexing ready.

If you get any such notices, you should read them and take action immediately. If Google faces issues while accessing your site with the mobile-crawler, it can potentially impact the indexing and ranking of your web pages in Google.

Google Penalties on Guest Post Articles

Guest post penalties

Google may be cracking down on sites that publish guest posts. There are many reports of unnatural outbound link penalties. An outbound link penalty is a manual action against a website. In such cases, the publisher relates that Google may have stopped PageRank from flowing from their website.

The question here: "Is Google issuing manual actions for guest post articles that are paid or guest post articles that are over-optimized?" Google's manual link warning asks the publisher to add no-follow links to guest posts. Therefore, there's actually nothing wrong with accepting guest posts or asking to publish guest posts! Just ensure there is a no-follow link attribute on the link.

This appears to be a part of Google's fight against paid links in general and hammering paid links in guest posts!

Where did your extensions go? Google Bans 500+ Malicious Extensions

Chrome Extension Blocking

Google has effectively banned more than 500 extensions from its Chrome Web Store. This was after they discovered malicious ads getting into users' browsing sessions.

In an investigation that began two months ago, independent security researcher Jamila Kaya found that hundreds of extensions were infecting browsers. She teamed with Cisco's Duo Security team and escalated concerns to Google. Google then removed said extensions from the store.

The offending extensions are no longer in the Chrome Web Store. So, there is not much you need to do to protect yourself from this attack. If you had any of these extensions installed, you'll see that they no longer open immediately when you try to launch them. Instead, you'll find a popup notifying you that the extension is no longer active and has a mark stating it's malicious.

How Blockchain will Dominate the Digital Advertising Industry in 2020

Blockchain technology

Data breach scandals by ad tech vendors are taking place on a daily base. People are tracking us every day with hidden cookies through the permissions we unknowingly give. Blockchain came into action to provide transparency while serving ads and paying for the real human interactions on the ads.

Blockchain is emerging into the technology market these days and transforming the way we have been doing the online transactions lately. This technology goes beyond the finance market. It's also impacting the advertising and marketing industry, too.

In the article, Richa Pathak tells us how blockchain is going to impact the digital advertising supply chain in the year 2020. So, what exactly is blockchain?

Blockchain is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which contains the record of various distributed transactions between people. It does not require any sort of central control. This is because the data is not located in any local server, rather it's stored in a server distributed globally. If you want to learn more, click here.

The Benefits of Using Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

The rapid increase of digital channels and devices has made it more difficult for B2B marketers to target the right prospects with the right messages. Prospects are managing most of the buying process by themselves these days. They do this by creating short decision lists by researching brand websites and social channels without ever speaking to a sales rep.

Marketing automation platforms can help B2B marketers who have challenging market dynamics and increasing ROI pressure. Here are the benefits of using marketing automation for your campaigns:

  • Increased marketing efficiency
  • Enhanced ability to generate more and better-qualified leads
  • A multichannel view of prospect behaviour
  • Better alignment of sales and marketing goals
  • Improved lead conversion and ROI

Marketing automation can save you a lot of time and help you achieve your goals quickly. It's never a bad idea to include these platforms in your business!


There has been quite a lot of things happening lately in the world of internet marketing. Google is sending out alerts that say, "mobile-first indexing issues detected." Google is also cracking down on sites that publish guest posts. They do this by imposing an outbound link penalty with a motive to fight against paid links.

As well, Google bans 500+ malicious extensions from its Chrome Web Store after they discovered malicious ads getting into users' browsing sessions (Google's been busy this week!). Blockchain is going to dominate the digital advertising industry this year. Finally, we went through the benefits of incorporating marketing automation into your business!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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