How To Use Internet Marketing Best Practices to Optimize Your Sales Funnel


There are way too many companies who still do not understand what it takes to effectively market their business online to generate quality leads for a great ROI. Some businesses are still using tactics from 30 years ago such as sending out sales reps to canvas door-to door-or using cold calling. Of course, if that works then GREAT! It’s all about creating and testing a strategy that generates new business at the end of the day. The question is, why work so hard trying to convince a potential customer to be interested in your product or service? Why not just have them come to you when they are ready? That’s the beauty of leveraging Internet marketing best practices to generate sales.

Have an Online Presence

Plenty of businesses have already invested heavily in online but now have to be more and more creative with their Internet marketing strategy. One of the most important factors is to be at the right place, at the right time. You want to make sure you show up on social platforms, rank in search engines, and have a mobile-friendly website that provides the best user experience (UX). Also, understand your customer and their favourite sites.

Let’s face it. If it’s not you, it’s your competition who will scoop them up so be ready when your customer is ready to buy.

Present Your Brand in a Positive Light

It’s one thing to have an online presence, but what does it tell users about you? Of course, you want it to be positive, that's why it's essential to know your buyer persona(s). Understanding the demographic, geographic, and psychological information about your customers is key to providing relevant information. By following Internet marketing best practices, you can effectively present and communicate your brand message.

Provide an Incentive

Make an offer using ClickFunnels that will push customers closer towards conversion. People love incentives whether it's a great discount, two-for-one bargains, or a contest. Be creative with the offer so your product/service will stand out from the rest -- especially if you are in a competitive industry like plumbing or dentistry. The good news is they found you because they were already searching for you. Now be creative in order to stand out ahead of the competition so you can convert the most leads.

Follow Through on Your Brand Promise

Your brand promise is a part of your brand persona. If you promise to provide quality products and services and to operate your business transparently and ethically, then you must deliver this consistently for every customer. This is essential for every step of the sales cycle.

Have a Secure, Mobile-Friendly Site

If you want to be a major player online, you’ve got to play the game and stick to the rules, especially if you're going to win kudos from Google. By designing and building a site that is mobile-friendly and secure (HTTPS, which is the secure version of HTTP), you will significantly improve your chances of generating more leads and sales.

Once you drive targeted traffic via digital marketing efforts to your site, give them what they are looking for via content, images, digital branding, colours, and site navigation. Keep it positive and provide what you promised when they discovered you -- it’s that simple!

Measure Success

Lastly, track conversions. What is the use of gaining customers, spending all this money and time if you don’t know if it's providing a return on investment? There are a few analytics platforms that can measure your site traffic and conversions like Google Analytics or AdLuge; a proprietary software used by TechWyse Internet Marketing. In the end, you want to make better business decisions by understanding what’s working from what's not!

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