How much should a website and Internet marketing cost?

How much should internet marketing cost

Your website and marketing will cost whatever you want it to cost. It’s true, you can have one company build a website for $500 and another company build a website for $10,000. You can have one company do your marketing for $350/month or another company that does your marketing for $3500 / month.

Website and Internet Marketing Costs

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How Much Should Internet Marketing Cost?

At the end of the day you will have a website and you will have marketing. That said, your website quality will be noticeably different as well as your marketing.

While we all want a deal we still all generally get what we pay for.

If you would indulge me let’s engage in a thought experiment.

Imagine your local hospital is looking to hire a new heart surgeon and after interviewing a few different surgeons, they determine that paying for the very experienced doctors was going to cost too much. Instead, they hire someone that’s fixed a few arms before and seems bright enough to do the job, but they get to pay them a lot less.

What is there to it anyway? It’s just heart surgery… take a vein from here and put it there, stitch it up and away we go!

Alternatively, the hospital across town hires only the most experienced surgeons. They hired on the track record of a 95% success rate. They wanted the best of the best because they wanted to ensure their patients had the best care, even though they could have hired someone at a fifth of the price whose rate of success would have been somewhere between 70-85%.

Where would you have your surgery done? Would you still choose the hospital with better and more experience doctors even if it did cost more? How about for a loved one?

Okay, so now imagine your website and marketing is the heart of your business. It’s responsible for pumping in new blood / new business into your organization. Are you going to let just anyone take the helm of your website and marketing or are you going to ensure an organization that had the experience and track record gets the job?

After all, your online marketing can either take your business to another level if done right or stifle your business if not done well. This impact on your business will affect not only the business owner, but all of his/her employees.

So really, the question isn’t “How much should a website and internet marketing cost?” Rather, it is “What is the cost of not picking the most competent partner?”

For most of our customers, their website and marketing is responsible for the vast majority of their new business.

The website is open 24/7, can serve multiple customers at once, and sees more people than the physical location of the business.

Essentially, your website is the best employee / sales person you could ever hope to hire so why wouldn’t you make it exceptional?

How much would it cost you to replace your top sales person or top employee with one that could do 50% or 75% of what your top person could do?

So if you’re going to tinker with the heart of your business make a decision that weighs the costs with the outcomes.

Let me know your thoughts!

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    Great post Mike, your right you get what you pay for although having said that it is kind of worrying how many agencies can over charge on such a grand scale!

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    Lawrence Mak 


    It is not quite easy for you to earn money when you just step into the internet marketing. You will have to keep on learning while you spending your time and effort to promote your online business.
    Take advice from the expert, you may get less wrong steps.

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    DeVaughn Burke 


    Definitely a very informative blog. Your 100% right that your website is your best employer selling for you 24/7

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    The analogy is flawed. People do price shop for healthcare. S
    Second, higher priced marketing has never meant better marketing

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    Hello Mike,
    In as much as every doctor will be going in with the best surgeon with the best record, I certainly agree with you with respect to treating our websites as our hearts.
    No one will even visit any hospital with a poor surgeon simply because they are going to pay less. Who doesn’t love his or her life?
    I did find this post on Kingged!

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