How Email Marketing Can Help Improve Sales & Client Acquisition

How Email Marketing Can Help Improve Sales & Client Acquisition

How Email Marketing Can Help Improve Sales & Client AcquisitionMany of my clients continue to ask me for more ways to generate new business online.  While many of the things we focus on are traffic building and analysis, another key thing many of our clients can be doing better is drip marketing and building an effective newsletter campaign to people that have shown continued interest in your products or services.

Here is my own suggestion to begin building your list people that have opted to receive further communication from you on an ongoing basis.

4 Steps To Success With Your Email Marketing

1. Begin collecting peoples names and addresses by asking people to signup for your branded newsletter from your website itself.  Here are 2 ways we do it on our own site:


2. Ensure that you are signed up to an email marketing service that allows you to both send emails safely and allows for complete measurement of your email marketing campaigns.  We just happened to launch our newest email marketing product a few weeks ago.  Check out WHICHABAM! here!

3. Setup the forms on your website to automatically send the information of people that have opted in straight to the list you have setup in your email marketing program.

4. Newsletter Creation

    • Develop a theme or brand behind your monthly newsletter approach.  We have developed a tagline called 'Rise To The Top' and the content of our email marketing is generally in the form of helpful tips from the industry.
    • Determine the frequency with which you will send.  Daily? Weekly?  Monthly? Quarterly?  What ever you decide make sure you stay consistent!
    • Once your theme is developed make sure you have a template that is going to get read.  Our own research shows that it is important not to over design your template.  Instead make it about the content.
    • Make sure that your newsletter offers recipients a way to 'Opt-out' if they choose to.
    • Start sending! 

We also advise you to turn that wonderful email newsletter into a blog and post it to your website.  This helps build further credibility with search engines and keeps those not signed up to your email newsletter updated!

Not only is sending email campaigns important in keeping interested parties thinking about your company, it is also an incredibly affordable way to keep people up to date and interested in what you do! 

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Great work. I’ve just started my own blog on email marketing and I’m still learning 🙂

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    I find this article very interesting, having some good tips.
    Email will always be viable especially for e commerce, if and only if fired off right. I have noticed some of my clients trying to chalk up more and more information into a single email, often as a tactic to curtail their overall expense by cramming what should really be several emails into a single message. But does this work? A blatant ‘NO’ is the answer.

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    Think Like a User 


    I saw Armand Morin speaking a few weeks ago in London, and he was promoting the idea of free, high-quality magazine layout for a PDF newsletter.
    I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the relative merits of a magazine style HTML newsletter versus a PDF newsletter?

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    Definitely Email Marketing is the easiest and effective marketing tool which can have a good conversion rate if managed properly. The advantage of email newsletters is we can categorize it according to product type. For example if i am interested to learn about an ipod nano rather than the imac (which are both the products of Apple) we just need to save the subscribers from the ipod nano page to a category called ‘ipod nano’. This will make sure that newsletters are received only to those who have genuine interest. This way a website can have different categories of subscribers and more related content!

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    It is also important to note that the reason why newsletters work so well is because:
    1) It keeps your product, service or brand fresh in the minds of your customers. This means you have a higher rate of customer retention because they’ll never forget you as long as they’re reading your newsletters.
    2) It also means that you are marketing to a well targeted group of people who actually WANT to hear what you have to say. It is for this reason that email newsletters tend to have a fairly good rate of conversion.

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