Google Tests Live Updating Search Results Feature ‘Streaming’

Google Tests Live Updating Search Results Feature ‘Streaming’

Google Tests Live Updating Search Results FeatureA new hot topic in the Internet Marketing world this week is Google's Live search results! The entire SEO community and Internet Marketing world have picked up this news story credited to Rob Ousbey’s blog. He has captured the results in video too. Here is it:

Techcrunch has confirmed via a Google spokesperson that the testing rumors are true.

Benefits to Google's instant search feature:

Firstly, this provides real-time feedback for both Google and end-users. This in turn helps Google to understand and analyze what the end user is looking for. Also, not only will the user get an idea on probable search results in an instantaneous manner, but helps refine their search results too. Secondly, if wrong instant results are displayed, the user can continue trying variations.

On the other hand, with each keystroke a whole page full of search results loads. This will increase the bandwidth amount each user uses. So if the new feature is made live, it would help if those without broadband connections can disable it.

Since Microsoft is equipping its search engine Bing with a multitude of features, Google has to continue bringing out new innovative features to its monumental search interface to remain king!

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    This feature will definitely revolutionize the way search is experienced, eventhough ajax queries are passed to the server with a single letter typed or deleted in the search box, the user can see whether the results are up to his expectations, this is great, will help users to save time and no more 'Search' button required. Thanks for the updates Asha.

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