Google Tags for Local Business Search

Google Tags for Local Business Search

Google Tags for Local Business SearchGoogle has developed yet another tool to help local business. ‘Google Tags’ (currently only available in USA) will increase your visibility, as well as trim down on advertising costs.

Google Tags

Google Tags provides you with a new level of exposure. A yellow marker will highlight what featured product or service you have available for your customer right now. Although this yellow marker will not affect your search results, there is a fee involved for using the service.Google provides a free 30-day trial to test the tool with a single tag, then after that it’s $25 per month.

When a customer searches for a product or a service in Google, For example: ‘Massage New York’, the result, has one of the companies tagged with an offer ‘Couples Massage’ that creates a curiosity which in turn can result in a conversion.


Local business search on Google has definitely changed the range in customers for a business owner. Now with the use of 'Google Tags', it will definitely increase the chances the customer will click the ad and see what and how the offer is going to be an advantage for him/her.

How to create a Google Tag?

In your Google Places account (if you are a new user, create one for your business), the Dashboard has an option to 'Create Tag'. Add your tag and choose what to highlight, which can be;

  • Posts from your business (It works!)
  • Coupons from your business
  • Photos from your business
  • Videos from your business
  • Link to your website
  • Your menu
  • Reservations from your business

The account also provides you data on the number of clicks received for the tag through, Google Maps or Mobile. In most cased your tag will be listed in the search results within hours of your addition.

Tags are going to be an effective advertising strategy to bring in more customers in an affordable and controlled budget. There is no contract, which means you can cancel the service anytime you want. An additional offer for your customer will make them happy and loyal. So go and get tagged!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Google Tags are indeed a good way of advertising your business. I feel that it makes things convenient for  visitors  who are interested in visiting your place of business as they can get know about the new services provided at a glance.

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    Neat work from Google. Looking at the way Google is going it seems they are bringing in something new almost every time. I am sure this service will be most used by many local businesses. More like what we are doing in Adwords.

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    Tags for Google Places are a good way to draw attention towards your links, coupons, menu etc and increase your local presence. I think its a wonderful idea and it will be a cash grab for the local businesses wherein you can highlight your business and make it stand out from others in the local pack of listed businesses. Thanks Tina ! the article is very  elaborate and interesting..

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    Your post Google Tags for Local Business is really helpful for all the Local Business owners to gain advantage in this Technological Era where google is the mantra for the buisness to prosper. Its good to hear that the Google will further gain more revenue from this Google Tag business.. Thanks Tina for the simple yet powerful post on the topic.. . 🙂

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    Good and informative read Tina.
    This is a  good addition from Big 'G'.  I think this option will help SMB's to gain an extra edge over their competition.

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