Google Announces Big Enhancements To Google Suggest

Google Announces Big Enhancements To Google Suggest

On Wednesday, Google announced that Google Suggest is set to roll out new features.

If you haven’t noticed lately, Google has a feature called Google Suggest, which dynamically lists suggested search terms as you type them.


The new features for Google Suggest are:

Logged In Personalized Suggestions

Google has estimated that as much as 25% of signed-in searches are repeat searches from the past month. A signed-in search requires that a user have a Google Account. So now when you are logged in with your Google Account and have Web History enabled, Google may show some relevant searches that you have performed previously. This is a great feature for those trying to remember what gave you the best results and when you cannot remember the web site URL once you completed the search.


Results Page Suggestions

Currently, Google had only showed suggestions in the original search query. But now users will be able to see suggestions on follow up searches. The additional tweak to this is when you search again, the first few suggestions will be related to your original search query, as you can see using the term roller coasters.


Link Suggestions

If Google thinks your search query is indicating you are looking to navigate straight to a specific web site, Google will list it so you can click it right away.


AdWords Sponsored Links

And finally, for those of you running sponsored, Pay Per Click Ad campaigns, Google may detect that the most relevant search result for your query is an Ad. The ad that is shown will be very similar in look to the Sponsored Ads, we have been accustomed to at the top and right column of Google’s page.


One additional note, due to user feedback, Google has decided to remove the result count numbers that show on the right side of the suggested terms.

Google Search Improvement Commentary

The results of these changes are consistent with what we have grown used to with Google.  A commitment to improving the search experience that goes far past any other search engine.  Google knows that they cant rest on their laurels (and market share).  In order to retain the market that they have attained they need to keep innovative, and ahead of the competition.  If these enhancements are a sign of things to come, we can all be certain that Google will continue to command 80% plus of all searches completed.

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    Impressive and at the same time exhausting additions. The placement of links in Google Suggest will save our time and often redirect us to the end destination without much clicks. But the Sponsored Links ads placed directly in the search suggestion box is quite repelling. With the ads on there is so much clutter in the drop down.

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    Kudos to Google. There are instances that made me gasped at Google’s keenness in polishing their search service, once again Google does it. Google is really making some nice additions these days to make the search experience more fruitful. This would reduce user’s space and time to a great extent and returns high relevant results.

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