Explode The Number Of Your Fans On Your Facebook Page!

Explode The Number Of Your Fans On Your Facebook Page!

Facebook fan pages are no longer an up and coming online marketing tool. It is now an online competitive necessity for both B2B and B2C businesses to have a presence on Facebook. Some of the benefits of using Facebook fan pages include driving traffic to your website, building your brand, getting feedback from your customers and showcasing promotions. Describing these benefits are a blog post for next time. This time, I will focus on how to get more fans on your Facebook fan page. Bottom line: the more fans you have, the further your reach and the more beneficial your fan page will be for your business. So, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Promote your fan page in employee signatures

This technique is particularly useful for the B2B businesses. When you add your Facebook badge to your employees’ signatures, it encourages your potential clients, current clients and other relevant audiences to join. This creates highly targeted fan base that is highly likely to pay attention to what you have to say. Every time you post on your page, your fans receive a note on their wall and a targeted fan base will want to hear what you have to say.

Promote your fan page on your website

This should be done by all businesses. You can easily gain more fans by promoting your fan page on your website. Customers and potential customers come to your website and will be enticed to look at your fan page and join. They may only come to your site once, but when they join your fan page, the chances of them leaving are very low. This means that one visit to your website can turn into a fan that will consistently be listening to your message on Facebook and will likely be inclined to return to your website.

Offer unique content, promotions and company updates on your Facebook fan page

A very important way to build a loyal following on your Facebook fan page is to deliver quality content that is exclusive to this page. This technique is very useful for big brands. If you advertise that you have perks and promotions only available on Facebook, consumers will want to join. Furthermore, current fans will spread the word of your fantastic Facebook perks. This strategy is great for building the brand but it’s also great for spreading the word that consumers must be part of this fan page, in turn, growing the following.

Post frequently

While this may not seem like a strategy for gaining new fans, it definitely is. The reason for this is that every time you post messages, images, videos etc... on your page, it will feed to your fans wall. This gets attention and if your fans “like” the message, it then gets posted to their friends’ wall. This brings attention to your group and will entice new fans to join. Getting new fans is not the only benefit of posting frequently, but it is an important tool for getting more users.

Utilize your Facebook ambassadors

Every business has ambassadors. If you are B2B, your ambassadors are your employees and loyal clients. If you are B2C, your ambassadors are the brand loyals; those who chose to purchase your products over others. These are the people who should be inviting their friends to your group and promoting your group on Facebook. Run a contest and encourage your fans to promote your group. Your ambassadors will always feel good about helping you grow the fan page.

That being said, it’s important to remember that there are so many creative ways that you can grow your Facebook fan page. Have fun with it and be patient! The time you invest will be well worth it.

Let the social media marketing begin!

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    This post does reminds us the importance of facebook fan page. Whether you have website or not it's compulsory to have a facebook fan page for more conversion because if your website is connected with facebook then it's likely to bring up top on SERP's. Thanks Valerie !

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