The Enormous Encyclopedia of Digital Marketing Terminology

The Enormous Encyclopedia of Digital Marketing Terminology

Are you a rookie in the field of digital marketing? The massive amount of terminology may seem daunting when you're first starting off. This is why I have compiled a list of terminology used in the vast world of digital marketing, each accompanied by a link that will help you better understand the term.


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Here is a list of 92 terms used daily in the expansive world of digital marketing!

A/B Test – A simple way to test changes to your page and determine which ones produce positive results

AdSense – A program that allows for the display of Google advertisements on various websites

Algorithm – Simply put, computer programs that look for clues to give you what you searched for

Anchor Text – The text in which you highlight to place a hyperlink

Backlink – A link received from one website to another

Black Hat – SEO techniques that focus on search engines and ultimately result in your website being banned from a search engine

Blacklists – A list of people who are deemed as suspicious on the web

Blog – A portion of a website dedicated to organizing content

Bookmarks – Saving pages as shortcuts for easy access when needed

Bounce Rate – The percentage of every time a single person enters your site and leaves without any form of interaction

Brand Awareness – The recognition of a company’s products or services

Click-Through – When a visitor clicks on an advertisement and lands on a web page

Conversion – When a marketing action leads to a desired action

Conversion Funnel – The path a consumer goes through that ultimately leads to the conversion

Conversion Optimisation – The method of creating an experience that will lead to a conversion

Conversion Rate – The percentage of people who take a desired action

CPA – Cost Per Acquisition; the amount you are willing to pay per conversion

CPC – Cost Per Click; how much it costs for an advertiser for every time someone clicks on an ad

CPL – Cost Per Lead; the price an advertiser pays for every time a consumer signs-up

CPM – Cost per Thousand Impressions; the price for every 1,000 impressions on an ad

CRM – Customer Relationship Management; relationship building strategies company’s use to manage customer interactions in order to drive sales growth

Dead Link – A hyperlink that leads to a non-existent or removed web page

Domain Authority – A scale from 1-100 used to determine the authority of a website. The greater the DA, the higher the authority

Exit Page – A webpage that visitors leave your website from

Grey Hat – In between white and black SEO

Heading Tags – Defines the heading of a page from the remaining content

Hidden Text – A black hat SEO technique used to increase page rank through invisible text

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language; a set of symbols that tells the web browser how to display a websites words and images

Hyperlink – A link from a document to another website

Impressions – The number of times an advertisement appears on a webpage

Inbound Link – A hyperlink on a webpage that leads to a specific page on your website

Indexing – Google’s way of detecting updated pages and links on your site

IP Address – A set of numbers assigned to each computer that uses the internet protocol to communicate

JavaScript – A computer programming language that is used to create effects within web browsers

Keyword Performance Indicator – KPI; A metric used to determine important factors for an organization’s success

Key Phrase – A combination of keywords a user typically searches for a given product

Keyword – Specific words describing your product that helps determine where your ad appears

Keyword Density – The percentage of times a keyword appears on a webpage

Keyword Frequency – The number of times a keyword appears on a single webpage

Keyword Phrase – Two or more words used by advertisers or visitors in a desire to find info. based on the particular phrase

Keyword Rankings – When a website is being ranked in search engines for keywords being used

Keyword Research – Finding terms that people use to enter into search engines when conducting a search on a particular topic

Keyword Stuffing – Stuffing a webpage with multiple keywords in order to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results

Landing Page – A webpage that a visitor can arrive or β€œland” at, or a single webpage designed for a focused objective

Lead – A consumer interested in the product or service of a business

Link Bait – Content on your website that other sites link to out of pure interest

NAP Consistency – An integral part of Google My Business- business name, address, and phone number must be consistently listed the same across the web

Online Reputation Score – ORM; How the public perceives your business through online interactions

On-Page SEO – Measures taken within a website to improve position in search rankings

Organic Search – Listings on search engine results that appear based on relevance of search terms

Outbound Links – Links that lead to another domain from your site

Page Views – Each time a visitor views a page on your website

PageRank – An algorithm that helps Google determine the importance of a website

Paid Media – Forms of advertising such as pay per click, display ads, retargeting, etc.

Paid Search – Connects your ads with people seeking what you offer

Permalink – A link to an individual blog post

PLA – Product Listing Ads; these allow you to include an image, price, and promotional message inside your ads

PPC – Pay Per Click; a form of advertisement intended to direct a visitor to a particular page on a site- used to direct more traffic

Press Release – A news release created by a business informing readers of a specific matter

Qualitative Data – A measurement expressed in natural language description rather than numbers

Quality Score – A variable that allows Google to determine the rank and cost per click (CPC) of ads

Quantitative Data – Measures of values expressed as numbers

Ranking – The position of a website in a search engine results page

Real-Time Marketing – Creating a strategy focused on current, relevant trends, and immediate feedback from customers

Referral Traffic – Visits that come to your site from sources outside of its search engine

Responsive Web Design – A website designed to provide optimal viewing experience – view ability on mobile

Return Visitor – Someone who revisits your site after clicking a paid search link

Retargeting List – A group of visitors to your site that you have cookied

Revenue – The amount of money a company receives during a specific period

ROI – Return on Investment; the most common profitability ratio

RSS – Really Simple Syndication; websites deliver news directly to your monitor

Search Engine – A program that searches for and identifies items that relate to specific keywords; ex., Google and Yahoo

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO; the continuous process of getting traffic from organic search results

Search Query – A query a user enters into a web search in order to find out more information

Search Term – A set of words a user enters in the Google search bar

SEM – Search Engine Marketing; the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages

SEO – Search Engine Optimization; the process of optimizing a webpage in order to rank in search engine results pages

SERP – Search Engine Results Page; the list of results returned to a user in response to a query based on a set of keywords

Social Media Optimisation – SMO; generating awareness of a brand through the use of various social media platforms

Sponsored Links – Paid links that appear in search results through pay-per-click marketing

Targeting – Segmenting a particular audience as potential customers to sell products or services

Third Party Cookie – A script placed on your hard drive by the server of a website you aren’t on

Title Tags – Used in SERPS’s to determine the title of a document

Traffic – The amount of visitors a website receives

Unique Visitors – Someone that visits your website more than once

URL – Uniform Resource Locator; a unique address typed into the search bar of a web browser that leads to a website

WAP – Wireless Application Protocol; communications protocol used for wireless data access through most mobile wireless networks

Web Analytics – The measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data in order to optimize web usage

Web Application – Any application that uses a web browser as a client

White Hat – SEO techniques that completely follow search engine rules and policies

WAN (Wide-Area Network) – A Collection of computers connected via a network over a geographic area

XML – A markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in both human and machine readable formats

I hope this massive list of 92 digital marketing terms comes in handy. It would probably be a good idea to bookmark this page and use it as reference!

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    Thanks Celine, good job

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    I do have a greater chance at familiarizing myself with the amazing encyclopaedic terms, being a willing student of technology. I’m having quite a good grasp of what you have put in your list. You have somehow narrowed down my search of these termsfor my online marketing information. I have bookmarked your page. I’m so glad. This is one of my most informative learning tool I’ve added into my Learning Toolbox!

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    Hi, Celine!
    Thank you for mentioning us [@Positionly] within your list. We are glad to be here. πŸ˜‰
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    Thanks Celine, congrats for compiling this list. Great Job!

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    A website such a sTechWyse takes me through difficulties understanding technical terms and internet jargon. I thought I could coast through every wealth of tutorials and information about technology available here. But I’m glad to be learning so much. I think I’m quite self-taught, and your site is very useful to my education.
    How does an effective search engine optimization require analytics? What parlance has the effectiveness to do with investments in internet marketing? Are there keyword strategies and usability in the digital market? This is where I am at since i’ve engaged in online marketing. Those terms above are very useful. Still learning. Thank you.

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    Thank you so much for posting all of these information’s. It is very hepful.

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    This is quite comprehensive list of SEO terms, especially with Anant’s additions. I believe that a key here is to have a level of understanding about these terms so that you can understand a conversation with a specialist or expert and let that specialist or expert do the bulk of the work. Furthermore, an understanding of these terms allows you to not be taken advantage of by a specialist or expert.
    Wonderful job, Celine.

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    Katie Mccracken 


    Very good job….

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    Thanks to Celine Mirzaian and Anant for great insight regarding digital marketing terms. I have one which you both missed
    LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing):- The contents of a webpage are crawled by a search engine and the most common words and phrases are collated and identified as the keywords for the page

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    Hello Celine,
    Deep analysis and create such useful resource for all digital marketing terms. You have include A to Z terms in your post but i found that you missed below 2 terms.
    Keyword Proximity:- It refers to the distance between the search term’s individual keywords.
    Keyword Prominence:- It means, your keywords should be at prominent area in content of your web pages.
    Hope it will aslo help to users.

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