4 Email Marketing Trends to Keep You Ahead of the Curve

4 Email Marketing Trends to Keep You Ahead of the Curve

A marketing survey conducted earlier this year by Salesforce.com showed tremendous trends and changes for marketing strategies. It depicted a radical change in the spending behaviors of shoppers. With the changes in digital marketing techniques, the priorities of marketers are shifting from banners and advertisements to social media, promotional content, and mobile marketing.

The stats revealed that 84% of the marketers will raise the marketing budget in 2015 and 38% are going to shift their retailing methods from traditional ads to advertisements on digital channels. Interestingly, 73% of the retailers advocate email marketing to be the bottom line of all business.

Many companies are giving more attention to marketing via email, thereby increasing user engagement, traffic, and sales. This is certainly making a big difference in today's buying and selling patterns, which is why the sales and marketing team of most organizations are adopting new trends and thinking of innovative ways for email marketing.

Whether you're an e-commerce or brick-and-mortar business, many of them rely on email campaigns for generating approximately 15-20% of the overall sales.

To ensure consistency and substantiality in the overall growth and profit of the company, you must think of embracing the following email marketing trends.


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Mobile is a Big Thing

 Around 75% of the adult population of the US, UK, Asia checks their emails on smartphones. Mobile optimization has become the biggest buzzword now and opting for mobile optimized emails will boost your sales up to 10-15%. This means, your website, your content, and everything you offer online should be optimized for viewing on any mobile devices.

With the shift to mobile, user experience and catering towards user needs is extremely important. If your website isn't responsive or mobile-friendly, you may be risking a lowered email open rate.

To encourage more customers to open and engage with your emails, make your emails easy to click, avoid too much of scrolling, and don't pack too much information in the email. You want to make sure that your emails can load quickly on a mobile device. In addition, make sure your images are responsive as well and have your headlines optimized to suit different mobile screen sizes.

Clear and Precise Content

Content marketing is the a powerful marketing approach for stimulating the audience. Every marketing strategy, whether oral, analog, or digital requires relevant, appealing and quality content.

While sending emails to customers and subscribers, think about what kind of content your customers would want to receive. It should be precise, clear, and convey a suitable message that customers are actually looking forward to reading.

Spend time to find content that can enhance your business. If you're looking to send articles and helpful information to your subscribers, consider sending them articles from other authoritative sites. You don't want to saturate your emails with your own content. This may seem to "salesy" and cause subscribers to delete your emails.

Data Analytics is on the Rise

Data Analytics

 Sales and marketing teams have started investing hugely on analytics. Data analytics enables you to pick the right approach and right channel for bigger and better results. it provides valuable insight to help modify your strategies to suit your target audience.

Track and monitor the open rates and engagement of your emails. Find out what email subject lines work, the type of content that receive the most engagement, and the demographics of your email subscribers.

Through your analysis, you can determine different audience groups to target your email. For example, a younger audience would prefer a different type of content compared to those that are older. By segmenting your audience, you can create different versions of the same email to send.

In addition, you can analyze the trends in the market to determine what types of sales, content, or newsletter you should send to your subscribers.  Take a look at what the society is talking about, so you can keep your subscribers in the loop and generate conversation with them.

Make it Pop with Visuals 

Personalizing your campaigns by incorporating images and videos in the email is an excellent modern strategy. Visuals encourage subscribers to read the content and help to keep your email organized.

If you're packing your email with text, it may discourage subscribers to continue reading on. Therefore, include images to break up paragraphs. Use vibrant colours and eye-catching images that can encourage your subscribers to click on your links. In the end, you want to guide your subscribers back onto your website and possibly make a sale.

Remember, to achieve a high ROI and encourage subscribers to open your email, avoid sending overly crowded and complicated emails. Test, evaluate, and customize your emails for your subscribers.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Marketing can be defined as the continuous process of communicating the product or a service’s value to the targeted market in an organized manner.

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    I strongly believe that there will be great opportunities for those who looked into this area, this is the best place to get a good collection of information with very useful content. Thanks much for creating and sharing here please do keep on posting…

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    I’m concerned that this is missing the element of a restriction of flashy pictures. Personally, I want a shortened, summary of what it is that someone is selling, followed with MAYBE 1 picture to tie it together. What I don’t want is a pop up ad that I have to close, loads and loads of text (that is a big turn off as well) and things that I have to navigate around ads just to see the content.
    All in all, I agree with the major points here, with the aforementioned exception.

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      For sure, Brody! Flashy images are definitely another element that businesses and marketers need to be aware of. Would you say that an email with one image that includes the message within it be best or one that combines text and images instead?

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