E-Commerce Predictions For 2013

E-Commerce Predictions For 2013

The e-Commerce industry is on the rise, with steady growth and increased consumer awareness and demand. It has been driven by both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) marketing with a focus on consumer electronics and travel services. More and more startup businesses are becoming involved with and being centered on e-Commerce which has led the traditional retailers to sit up, take notice and setup shops online to regain the market share.

E-Commerce Predictions For 2013

The year 2013 holds great promise for technological advances and innovations, including the world of e-Commerce. The industry is predicted to continue its steady growth, helped along the way by IT development, expanded bandwidth and low surfing charges. While some aspects of e-Commerce are expected to remain as they are, others are predicted to change and evolve dramatically.

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E-Commerce Predictions

Social Media

Social networks are in boom and are potential powerhouses for marketing and brand promotion. Experts and analysts worldwide agree that e-Commerce and social media will build on their current relationship and continue to integrate with each other. Traditional retailers and startup businesses, industry giants and people working from home have all realized the advantages of using e-Commerce through social networking websites.


As more and more businesses come to realize the compelling advantages and potential profits from e-Commerce, they’ll start becoming increasingly tech-savvy. Personalization drives e-Commerce sales like nothing else does and being highly relevant is critically important. The ability to present their merchandise based on likes, reviews and tweets across social networking and e-Commerce websites will become essential to a business’s success.


The Click Frenzy event made it crystal clear that the Australians at least have a tremendous appetite for online shopping. Major global players and overseas retailers will all have taken notes during the event and are certain to target Australia as one of the biggest markets for e-Commerce. The traditional Australian retailers will also embrace e-Commerce more aggressively to try and fend off the international competition.

Going Mobile

Smartphone and tablet technology has massive potential for e-Commerce. Businesses will be wise to equip themselves now with the tools to compete when mobile purchasing increases to an estimated forty percent of all transactions in 2013.


E-deals are trending and will only continue to gain in popularity in 2013. No retailer can afford to ignore the huge consumer demand for offers and deals. The advances and ever-increasing sophistication in technology have opened new and smarter ways to better engage with customers with the opportunities of unique loyalty schemes. Loyalty programs based on individual behavior and location will be more attractive to customers and more profitable for retailers.


There are several different aspects of the economy that are reaping the rewards of e-Commerce’s rise. This is because the companies get a percentage of the money from online financial transactions. The shipping companies benefit as a result of the shipping fees charged. The increased visibility and availability of different products, combined with the convenience of booking and ordering from the comfort of one’s own room have all contributed to e-Commerce’s continuing success.

Moving through 2013, these trends are set to continue and the e-Commerce industry is predicted to grow, evolve and innovate upon itself to capture ever greater shares of all global financial transactions.

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    @Bloggety, you’re right. I asked one online payment system provider here how much they charge to e-commerce sites, and he said it’s at least 6% per transaction. I think the online payment system is the most sensitive part of the e-commerce business, as it’s the one handling the money.

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    I think the biggest winners will those providing services to ecommerce sites. One example would be security platforms which support credit card processing. Much like in the days of the gold rush — the guys who made a killing were the ones selling shovels.

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    I surprised to see how many e-commerce businesses there actually are. It seems like a booming business. I also read of a lot of people starting it.

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    Those are some bold predictions but I agree with all of them I think, as do most people I think. You’ve got me wondering about shipping companies and if I should have a fleet in my area as a side business. The number of items bought online only continues to increase and those all need delivery but is delivery from these sites already handled by the companies themselves? It’s worth looking into!

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