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It doesn’t take spending too much time online to discover today’s local business promotion is becoming more visual. Some of this visual focus is fostered by the popularity of social media platforms such as Pinterest. Regardless of why visual promotion is becoming so popular, it’s vital your local business embrace the trend and learn how to make it work for your business. One easy and informative way to integrate visuals into your blog and social media posts is through the use of infographics. These often colorful and creative creations convey information in a memorable and eye catching way. Further with online tools such as, your local business can integrate the use of information quickly and easily, often with little additional cost to your organization.

You may be in agreement that your local business needs to embrace this visual trend and believe infographics are a great tool to use, but likely have no idea where to begin the creation process.  Therefore, I’d like to share three steps to get you on your way to completing your first local business infographic.

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Brainstorm Ideas

Begin the process by thinking of a piece of local business information, with multiple pieces or steps, which you could share with your customers. For example, if your local business provides home improvement advice, consider breaking down how to find a good contractor into 10 small steps. Also, consider reviewing previous blog posts and articles to find ideas or concepts you’ve shared in written form, but would be great to also demonstrate visually. Remember, infographics are a great way to get across may seem somewhat boring in article form.  Also, when it comes to brainstorming and creative ideas, having multiple individuals involved is beneficial. The feedback and sharing at this stage often leads to a clearer and well developed concept.

Focus on Each Piece of Information

Before you begin the task of trying to decide what the infographic should look like overall, take a few minutes to consider how each piece of information could best be demonstrated and what are the key points of the infographic. To go back to the home improvement advice example, the first step here would be to determine which steps in selecting a home improvement contract are most important. How could you show the significance of these steps? What data do you have to share related to these steps? How would a reader best relate to it?

Sketch Out the Overall Design

Finally, once you’ve spent some time with the pieces of your infographic design, spend a few minutes sketching out the design which you feel best represents the information your local business wants to share.

Once you’ve completed these three steps, you’re ready to begin to create your first local business infographic. Remember to enjoy the final creation process regardless of what software or online solution you use to create it; ultimately, your local business creativity will result in customer interest and inquiry so have fun exploring this new way of sharing!

After you've added the finishing touches to your infographic, how to you share it with your audience for maximum engagement?

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