Crafting the Perfect Headline: How To Make Your Audience Click

crafting perfect headline

Whether you’re drafting a headline for your latest blog posts, Google or Facebook Advertisement, developing a “click-worthy” headline is an important first step to gauging a healthy conversion rate.

Developing a catchy headline helps attract potential users to click your ad or blog. Once they click your headline, you’re one step closer to converting that user to a customer. However, drafting a headline that works and get’s user to click can be a tricky feat. So what works and what doesn’t?

We have a few tips to have you consistently producing strong headlines. An effective headline is crucial to not only content marketing, but helping your paid media efforts to retain a higher click-through-rate (CTR).

So where do we start?

Step 1: Use Numbers & Data in your Headline

Several studies have conducted that headlines with numbers usually generate 73% more engagement.

Numbers are compelling to readers, as it gives our brains a chance to organize information. Odd numbers tend to be more effective since they appear more authentic to the reader.

Step 2: Give Readers a Clear Understanding Why to Click Your Headline

This includes a certain action item, that lets the user know what they can achieve by clicking your headline. Examples include:

  • Tips
  • Reasons
  • Ideas
  • Facts
  • Ways

This can help the reader understand the value they get from reading through your content. For example, the headline “7 Tips to Writing an Effective Headline” makes the value of the article clear; readers can tell that they will receive effective tips on how to write effectively.

Step 3: Use Simple, Easy To Understand Language

Using simple language is often more “click-worthy” in the sense that it gives readers an easy-to-understand direction.

If you try to be clever, it can very easily confuse the reader and prevent them from clicking your ad or blog. If you try to be too simple, it may not gauge the viewer’s interest enough to click. A great example of a simple, but powerful headline can is:

How to Set Goals for Every Content Piece You Create

Step 4: Target Highly Searched Keywords

It’s important to include keywords that people are actually searching for. This helps optimize your headline to drive organic and paid traffic to your advertisement.  

Reader’s often click headlines that include the keyword that they initially placed into the search query. However, it is important to do your research.

Highly searched keywords come with increased competition, so placing a highly competitive keyword sometimes isn’t the most effective — especially if you have a lower ranking website.  

Recognize your website’s position online. If it is highly competitive, use highly searched keywords. If it has some competition, target medium search volumes.

Step 5: Create Urgency

This encouraged users to act quick. So if you want users to click, appealing to the reader’s FOMO (fear of missing out) works great.

Adding in copy such as “limited seats left” or “2 hours left” helps users believe if they don’t click now, they are losing value by not taking action.

Creating this sense of urgency helps headlines have more value and increases CTR’s, as it helps the headline appear high in demand and forces users to click before the value of your offer rises.

Step 6: Do Research on Competitors

Research your competitors. What topics are they discussing? What pieces of content are they looking to advertise and how are they ranking?

Use tools such as BuzzSumo to see what headlines are trending and catching a lot of traction online.

Once you have an idea of what topics are trending in your industry, and what headlines are being shared, drafting a headline should be easy. All that’s left is adding your creative touch and using the tips mentioned in this article.

Step 7: Make a Bold Statement

Making a bold statement is a sure way to help spike up click-through rates. Bold statements leave your audience wanting more, and make the headline harder to resist.

Delivering a bold statement in your headline gives users more of a reason to click your headline, as it carries a high opportunity cost.

For example, the headline “Become a millionaire by age 30” is a bold statement. Yet, by not clicking this link, you potentially lose out on the opportunity to learn how to get rich at a young age.

These few simple but effective tips to writing effective and “clicky-worthy” headlines will help boost your content and paid media marketing efforts. Begin applying these simple strategies and witness an increase in not only CTR but conversions!

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