This Week: B2B Remarketing, Content Marketing ROIs, and Website Redesign

This Week: B2B Remarketing, Content Marketing ROIs, and Website Redesign

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most insightful and innovative articles from across the web. We’re looking at search engine optimization (SEO) and content direction, as well as boosting your ROI through remarketing, and measuring your content ROI. We’re also looking at updating your website to satisfy the modern user, and building brand loyalty to increase brand advocacy.

3 Reasons SEO Belongs at the Beginning of a Project, Not the End

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When performing search engine optimization (SEO) and content optimization, it's important that you are effectively using keywords to increase conversions. It's a common misconception that keywords are meant to be littered throughout your article with no direction. This post suggests that you plan and determine your content around your target keywords. Your content should have a purpose and be directed to the right audience in the right format. With SERP analysis, you can determine Google's ranking priorities in relation to your industry, identify your top ranking factors, and use this information to guide your content direction.

B2B Remarketing: Boost Your ROI in Three Easy Steps

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Remarketing is an underrated tool that accounts for 50% of traffic (according to research), but there are a few key pointers to keep in mind when optimizing your B2B remarketing campaigns. This article highlights three important steps.  Firstly, you should never use the same landing page twice as customers require multiple touch points before they reach a buying decision. Secondly, you need to create ads that will drive traffic back to your website and judge the best performing ads that will receive the most impressions on the GDN. Lastly, you should be adding RLSAs to your existing campaigns to ensure that users are revisiting your website exactly at the moment they search for one of your services. To boost ROI, remarketing is a great way to equip your prospects with the information they need to make an informed decision before they complete their purchase.

It can be difficult to measure an ROI on your content as it can take time for your target audience to discover your content properties—unless you have an existing following. To measure your content ROI, you have to identify your consumption metrics. Your key KPIs should be total visits and unique visits, but you should also take note of your bounce rate (below 40% is ideal) and time-on-site to determine if your content is of interest to your audience. To calculate your lead conversation rates, you can use this simple formula: Number of leads collected/total traffic to site x 100. However, it's essential that you calculate your content marketing ROI and determine if you're spending money wisely, targeting the right audience, and investing in the right type of content.

How to Tell If Your Website Is Due for a Redesign

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Unfortunately, in the world of web design, a website that is not functioning properly is not a quick fix. Google's algorithms are frequently changing, and you have to be on top of updating your website to enhance the user experience. However, this article outlines a few of the signs to determine if your website needs a facelift. One of these signs is that your website has a high bounce rate. A few factors that can contribute to a high bounce rate include slow loading pages, technical errors, and poor user experience (UX). In today's age, it's also imperative that your website is mobile-friendly and satisfies the modern user. Adapting to the times may be challenging, but it is important that your website makes a good first impression on the web.

How to Use Social Media to Increase Brand Loyalty

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When discussing social media, people can get caught up in follower counts instead of focusing on brand loyalty. This article discusses a few of the reasons why brand loyalty is so important, and how to increase this KPI across your social networks. To mention a few, brand loyalty creates resistance to competition, enthusiasm and engagement, and brand advocacy. In your social media strategy, you should develop a plan for PR, link building, and SEO while including valuable content to share with your brand. Building a loyal social media following takes work, but the reward is worth the wait.

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    Hello Anne Booth, I am Soumya Roy, a professional SEO trainer and I am first time visiting this blog. As an SEO professional I really liked your content. Content marketing is getting bigger and bigger day after day. Many companies realized that only showing advertising may not be successful in long run. Content marketing creates the assets for the company which pays off year after year and is scalable to any level depending on the objective and budget. I always recommend my clients and SEO students to maximum efforts on creating good contents which will drive sales for years.
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