Baby Boomers – An Emerging Market On The Internet

Baby Boomers – An Emerging Market On The Internet

Here is something that I bet you thought you would never hear.  Baby boomers are set to become one of the most lucrative and untapped group on the internet over the next 3 years.

For those that done already know, baby boomers are the people born post war between 1946 – 1964.  Why should we begin looking at how to market to this aging demographic?

Let’s look at the numbers.  In the USA, baby boomers account for more than 76 million people.  In other words 25% of all Americans are now in the 45 – 55 age bracket.

Baby boomers also make more money then any other demographic in the history of the industrialized economy. Some estimates say $400 billion more money on goods and services than any other generation.

According to US census data, over the next 10 years the 18-49 age bracket will grow 1% but the 50+ age bracket is going to grow 21%.  Wondering who to market to still?

How Are Baby Boomers Spending Their Time?

In an earlier post, I discussed how internet focused our newest demographic Millennials, has become.  An article I read the May 2009 Entrepreneur magazine suggests that our older generation the Baby Boomers, are not that far behind. 

 Baby Boomer Media Consumption 2009

What this graphic illustrates is that although much more diverse in their media consumption trends, Baby Boomers clearly understand the value of using the internet as a form of search, entertainment and general consumption.

80% of this age demographic use the Internet!

Top 5 Ways To Convert A Baby Boomer On Your Website

1. Create a Sales Funnel – discussed in depth in an earlier article, a sales funnel will clearly state the purpose of your site or specific page.  This means a simple offer, defining graphic and an end goal page.  Don’t try to cram your website with too much information.  Figure out what you are offering and simply state it at the very top of your page.

2. Make Your Navigation Simple – the internet is all about information.  The best websites are the ones that organize that information in a clean, easy to navigate manner.  There is nothing worse than losing a visitor because they got lost within your website, get frustrated and close the browser!  Keep it simple!

3. Use Big Text – Especially in your titles!  It is not secret, as people get older they have a harder time reading text.  Especially if the text is small.  So make it easy on our Boomers and use text size that doesn’t make them squint – or worse yet – leave your page.  This is what Web 2.0 is all about right?

4. Instill Confidence In Your Offer – Baby boomers are a little bit more skeptical on the internet at this stage of the game.  So make sure you give your visitor confidence by ensuring they understand your position with a product or service guarantee.

5. Use Strong Yet Simple Imagery – If you are marketing specifically to Baby Boomers then make sure that you use imagery that they can associate with.  Be clean and more traditional with your imagery.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    You’re right DJ, this is a spectacular information on our mighty older generation. We cannot ignore these energetic group, in all walks of life in USA. For me its a news that 80% of them are ardent internet users.

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    Indeed some very interesting news!
    80% of them are using internet, sounds more interesting. For sure they’re the right pack to be focused on. I wonder why this aspect is so unnoticed by the marketing wizards of the internet.

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    The economic superpower status achieved by USA today is to a large measure the result of the contributions made by these industrious people. Constituting over 25% of the US population and possessing immense wealth no online marketer worth his salt can ignore their business potential. Your in depth analysis of this particular segment should help online marketers devise strategies to tap this lucrative market

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