An Inside Look at TechWyse Internet Marketing

An Inside Look at TechWyse Internet Marketing

Since 2001 TechWyse has grown a lot, including our organizational structure which has evolved to become more efficient. We find that we talk about this a lot to prospects, clients and even vendors.  So I thought it would be a good idea to put this into a blog all on its own. If you’re considering working with us, this should give you a pretty good overview of how we work.

Below, I've broken down and grouped the major departments we currently operate under.



Internet Marketing Consultants

These are the Solutions people at TechWyse! They learn about the small and medium-sized businesses that they speak with and come up with a solution to help them grow online.  Sales is a challenging job, but those who do well, can do very well. A sales consultants job consists of talking to two general categories of people: first we need to speak with inbound leads. So these could be leads from organic search, pay per click, social media, radio, billboards, referrals and even print, yes, print.

The other half of what consultants do is developing their own relationships. The classic way to do this is to cold call or network, but in the modern age we have so many communication tools at our disposal. It doesn’t stop there, sales consultants need to be able to be socializers, ready to make a pitch at any time. You’ll rarely ever catch them without their business card.

Lastly, your TechWyse sales consultant keeps in touch well after your campaign is up and running. They’ll definitely stop in and say hello when you’re in for your next review meeting.

Once a new client joins the TechWyse team they then get assigned a Project Manager and an Account Manager.



Project Managers

The Project Manager at TechWyse is responsible for getting all of our new clients services set up perfectly! They manage deadlines, ensure the right people are tasked with the right work and that the client’s expectations are met.

For this example I’ll use the design and development of a website. The project manager uses their own expertise and works with operations to get best recommendations on:

  • The navigational structure of the website
  • The pages that should be included on the website
  • The specific content required in order for the website to perform
  • What images should be used on the website
  • How to best design the site for lead generation or sales


Account Managers

The Account Manager works with the client and the Project Manager from the very beginning to make sure their imprint is on the campaign.  They are then responsible to meet with the client and conduct regular reviews using our AdLuge system as our main measurement tool. Most larger internet marketing agencies have a team of Account Managers who liaise with clients, fulfill requests, make recommendations and provide follow-up.

A good account manager is a jack of all trades, this person needs to have good working knowledge of all areas of internet marketing. They need to have great people skills and communication skills both verbal and in email. They can rely on experts to bring them up to speed on the latest industry news, but should also stay current on their own. Lastly, they need to be good at understanding each client’s business and be able to make recommendations for new services that will benefit their clients. They need to be idea people!




These are the people who are subject matter experts at TechWyse. The people who create the strategy and manage the workflow of their teams. Like all roles, there’s a lot of responsibility, but ultimately a campaign’s success comes downs to how well operations performs.

This is a good job for anyone who likes to sink their teeth into their work and are prepared to live and breath it. There’s a lot of updating and refreshing of your knowledge required in this role. Things like getting the newest certifications, reading the latest news, learning to use new software, etc. Below are some typical titles that you will find in operations:

  • Search Engine Optimization Manager
  • Pay Per Click Manager
  • Community Manager (social media)
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer (programmer)

These are the detail-oriented roles that you that you’d typically find at an internet marketing agency like TechWyse.  These are the types of roles that make our clients successful online!


There is more...

We’ve created our own proprietary tools that help us gather and organize all of this information in order to make the process as seamless as possible.

In my last role (I’m currently the Director of Internet Marketing), I managed a team of content writers and I also write pieces of content like this. Without sounding too gushy, TechWyse is an awesome machine, with great people who run it. When you choose to work with TechWyse, you can expect transparency, a real person to answer the phone and a great office where you’re welcome to stop by anytime.

We also have some wonderful members of our senior management team who help to encourage and keep the ship running smoothly. Check out our corporate video to learn even more about us:


So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed this inside look at TechWyse!



It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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