6 Ways to Get the Most Conversions From Your Landing Page

6 Ways to Get the Most Conversions From Your Landing Page

Landing pages are what a person lands on when clicking on a link, whether it be from Google Ads or an email. Landing pages are incredibly important not just for users landing on the page, but also from an SEO perspective for ranking on Google. Landing page experience and quality score come into account with Google Ads and consequently affect your Google ranking. If your landing page does not have content that matches your ads or you have a high bounce rate, you will have lower rankings.

Landing pages can be classified into different two different categories; the page on your site that links are being directed to, or isolated pages focused on a specific service. How do you know which one is right for you?

Benefits of an Isolated Landing Page

  • Landing pages are hyperfocused on the product or service you are marketing. If you have a service that you want to sell, the landing page will be focused on that service only without distractions
  • Landing pages are data-driven and provide great insights into consumer behaviour.
  • Landing pages (when done correctly) increase conversions
  • Increased brand awareness and credibility

For this blog we will be focusing on landing pages are isolated from the main site. Although you can make improvements to links that people land on from the main site, isolated landing pages are a good start to conversion rate optimization practices. Below are my 6 tips to increase conversions on your landing page:

1) The More Information the Better

A person clicks on a link when they are interested in the product, and learning more about it. A landing page tied to the link should have all of the information they might need to prevent them from leaving the page. Some people might feel that putting too much information will overwhelm the user, but the more information, the more likely they will continue shopping around. You ideally want to be able to provide all of the information so as to decrease the bounce rate for a better score for Google ranking.

The information will depend on the products that you are selling. For example, If you are selling furniture, you would want to include the style, colours, and even the dimensions of the items. If you are showing dental services like teeth whitening, you can show information on what to expect, the process, and even before and after pictures of the services.

2) Wording Is More Important Thank You Think

The smallest words in a call to action, or header, can change a click to conversion. Clicking on a call to action either it be a form or a number is an emotional decision to make a commitment from the consideration stage to the purchase stage. Services should always do their best to remove barriers (“Get A Free Quote V/S “Get A Quote”), or create a sense of urgency (“Buy” V/S “Buy Now”) on their landing page. DeWalt, for example, had run A/B Testing on products with the call to actions of “Buy Now” V/S “Shop Now”. “Buy Now” lead to 17% more clicks with 6 figure projected revenue increase. “Buy Now” creates a sense of urgency that the product might not be available again as well as that the check out process will be quick.

If a service or product requires a quote that is free, you should be upfront that the quote and contact will be free for the consumer. Consumers love the word free and will greatly decrease the emotional barrier that a consumer can feel when reaching out. You will most likely increase people who tire kick on services but conversions and people will increase.

3) Heat Mapping and Confetti

Heat mapping is a new way to show how a user navigates and uses your landing page. Heat mapping shows you where people are looking and how long they are staying on that specific section of the landing page. Studies have shown that 80% of viewing time was spent above the fold compared to only 20% below the fold. Another feature that would be helpful for heat mapping is looking at the confetti from the users who visit the site. Confetti shows where the user is clicking and how frequently they are clicking on the element. The interesting thing about confetti is that it shows what elements are interesting to the user compared to what is not. If we looking at the furniture example, if the colour selector has the most interactions, it would be helpful to maybe make it the first image of the furniture.

4) Get a Fresh Set of Eyes on the Landing Page

Whenever looking at, or building a landing page, you sometimes become oblivious to aspects that it may be missing. Whenever I build a new landing page for a client, I always send the landing page link to a coworker who has never seen it before. I will then simply sit behind them and see what their behaviour is, and see how a fresh set of eyes will go through the landing page. You can either assign them with a specific task like finding where the different prices are available, or allow them to just go through it without any specific goal. You would be surprised at what you could have missed, with simply a new set of eyes

5) Keep Forms Short and Sweet

If the main objective is to get a user to call or fill out a contact form, keep those contact points short and simple to fill out. Having a user go out of their way to reach out is not easy. A user should not feel like they have to jump through hoops and be able to solve a math equation to get hold of someone. All forms should include the basic information that a company would need to be able to service the user accordingly. The perfect example of forms that are complicated are ones that are tied to sensitive information. If I am looking to get a mortgage and want more information, I would be less likely to fill out the form if it is asking me for my credit score, the value of the mortgage, as well as the interest rate. Instead of asking for too much information to begin with, keep it short and simple — a name, e-mail, and contact number is enough to make the first contact. Once you’ve made contact, you can go on to collect more detailed information about the customer in order to properly serve them.

6) Colours Make a Difference

Colour contrast for points of importance is something many companies rarely focus on. Studies have shown that site interaction changes significantly whenever a call to actions colours are changed to contrast the rest of the page. We ran a study based on clients landing page a few years ago, and the heat mapping screenshots showed that more people clicked on the call to action after changing the button from blue to yellow. Since the rest of the site was blue and white, the yellow call to action stuck out more and drew the attention away from other non-conversion points on the site. Although a contrasting colour might not be in the branding, try your best to make it stand out with a different colour to draw people in

Overall with landing pages, doing tweaks and monitoring the page will go a long way. Sometimes you can over think a landing page and throw everything under the moon at the landing page at one time but tweaks will still need to be made. Something as small as a header not tying in with the page can affect the whole experience. Monitor the page and tweak as you go!

To learn more about how to get more conversions from your landing page, call TechWyse to speak to a digital marketing expert at 866.208.3095, or contact us here.


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    I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog. It is easy to see that you are impassioned about your writing. I wish I had got your ability to write. I look forward to more updates and will be returning.

  • avatar

    I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog. It is easy to see that you are impassioned about your writing. I wish I had got your ability to write. I look forward to more updates and will be returning.

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