5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Campaign

5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Campaign

Your online marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your brand. But every time you start a new online marketing campaign you should know that it’s going to build on everything that you’ve done before. You always need to work on improving your online marketing efforts so none of those marketing dollars are going to waste.

This article is going to show you some of the ways you can ensure your online marketing plans pan out properly.

1. Review Your Previous Performance

Before you launch any new campaign, you should review your previous performance. Take a few moments to reflect on what went right and what went wrong last time. Too many companies don’t even consider the campaigns that came before, and so they are going to be making the same mistakes over and over again.

Your previous performance will yield new plans and new directions that you can take advantage of in your following campaigns. The only way you are going to grow is by learning some harsh lessons.

[caption id="attachment_40216" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Google Analytics Flickr Use sites such as Google Analytics to view previous campaign performance. You can find where you succeeded (and failed) and repeat the good while scrubbing the bad. Image courtesy of Flickr.[/caption]

2. Invest More In It

The act of spending money alone isn’t going to ensure that your marketing campaign is a success. Far from it. There are many startups with a lot of investment that have failed to make any real impact whatsoever. But the general rule of thumb is the more money you have at your disposal the larger your chances of success.

There are lots of good reasons to increase your marketing budget this year, including rising advertising costs and an increasingly competitive market. Consider increasing the amount of money you are spending today to get better results.

3. Focus More on Split Testing

Split testing is the act of taking two similar, but different adverts and testing them against each other. The one that performs best is the one you eventually use. And then you continue this process. You constantly make tweaks and changes until you can acquire the results you want.

Also known as A/B testing, this is a process that you should be following even when you are doing well. Failing to do this will mean that your competitors are going to get ahead of you.

[caption id="attachment_40214" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Ab Testing Image Flickr A/B testing is not as complicated as the image suggests. It is also vital to improving your online marketing campaigns. Image courtesy of Flickr.[/caption]

4. Ask for Direct Customer Feedback

It’s amazing just how many companies are scared to request direct feedback from the people they are trying to target. Time and time again companies are missing out on a golden opportunity because they don’t have the courage or the knowledge to approach their target audience.

Your target market consists of the people who know best what they want. Feedback from them can be invaluable for fixing a campaign in the middle of it and making sure future campaigns are better optimized for success.

5. Integrate Various Channels

There are many ways to market your business. You can opt to focus on content marketing, SEO, and social media. Yet crafting campaigns for these individually is the worst way of managing a great marketing campaign. As the WhatsApp marketing company in the news recently put it, you need to integrate them from their inception if you want to have a chance at seeming legit.

Keep in mind that most of the people you are speaking to are going to have some sort of presence on all these channels. They are going to be using Google and they are going to be on social media. It makes sense to produce exclusive content for each channel in order to encourage people to engage with you everywhere.

Conclusion – The Key to Improvement

You will notice that no mention was made of specific tactics. This is because strategies change all the time, but the principles of improvement never do. The key to improvement is to make a commitment to learning. Do your best to improve and you are more likely to get the results you want.

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    In my humble opinion, the most important tip among the five discussed in this article is number 3: split testing. One trap that a lot of online marketers fall into is believing in their own hype. Sometimes, they are too confident with their marketing plan that they forego testing versions of it before launching the campaign. It will already be too late before they realize their mistake. With that said, it’s advisable to split-test a marketing campaign once or twice to see what works before giving it a green light.

    • avatar

      Excellent point. Sometimes people are too focused that they do not realize that slight variations will actually increase their conversion rate. Or, they run a campaign a short time and it fails, yet if they would have split tested it prior, they would have seen a version really take off for them. Thanks again for the comments, Filipinio.

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    This was very informative. In the past I have tried the same things over and over to promote my business and they have not worked well but I now realize I need to try something new. I should take a chance and invest a larger amount of money in my next marketing plan. I will even try to get others to invest. I will definitely try using two different advertisements as well.

    • avatar

      Thanks for the comment Lydia. Keep in mind that putting more money into a failing strategy will not work. When increasing your budget, I also recommend spreading the wealth into various channels (#5 above) so that you can see what is working. You can then shift your budget more to the channels where you are seeing a better return. Thanks for reading and good luck with your campaign.

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