5 Ways Blogs Can Help Improve Your Online Profile

5 Ways Blogs Can Help Improve Your Online Profile

1. Blogs offer a way to create inbound links to your website

You may blog about something that is of interest to another company / website and they may link back to your blog to provide information.

2. You can create your own incoming links by commenting on other blogs and linking back to your own relevant articles by leaving comments (see below).

Create Incoming LinksPosting meaningful content on relevant blogs that are on other websites can win you praise from others in the community and often the blog will credit whatever site you reference in your comments.  Your name will often link back to the blog.


3. Search Engine Bots Love New Content.

Makes your website more dynamic to search engines! The more content you add the more search engines will visit your website.  Hence, you stand greater chance of getting your blog placed online.  Blogs provide an easy way to update/add relevant content to your website


4. Blogs Help Improve Communication With Website Visitors

Improve CommunicationA way to generate communication with your potential clientele. The easy to use “comment box” will allow your viewers to generate discussion on your latest topics, close the gap of communication with your clients and generate more content for your website! Example:


5. When Search Engines Find Your Articles They Will Often Put Them Straight Into Their Index Within 30 Minutes.

Sales Funnel DevelopmentGoogle the term -  “sales funnel development”.  We wrote a blog about it and now the blog has been indexed on the first page of Google within 30 minutes!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    The really good thing about blogs are that they can help catapult your authoritative position. This is why you see blog posts getting organic rank as quickly as they do.

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    Search engines love content updating sites than anything else; search bots always search for fresh content. No doubt, it is better to tie blog within the site so that regular addition of content can be done. It seems that everybody understands the penetrating powers of blogs, this vindicates the fast;y increasing number of blogs in the blogosphere.

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    Blogs undoubtedly can help improve your online profile. After all, all search engines love fresh and relevant content; and blogs are the best means to update/ add relevant content to a website. Blogs are becoming more and relevant in the search engine ranking algorithms due to the fresh content that blogs provide. The introduction of a blog section in practically every new website is a measure of its importance.

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    Yes, blogs have manifold benefits. They are really powerful aids in adding inbound links to your website. Blogs link freely to each other and contribute a major share of posts in social news and social media websites. Blogs also allow variety content like text, audio and video to be included.
    The more media available, the more likely it will attract incoming links.

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    No doubt Britt. Blogs are a powerful arsenal for every website, and its the only way we can add fresh content. Indexing is so fast!

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    Nice short post! Blogs are indeed important tools to prop up your profile online.

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