4 Ways Internet Marketing And Internet Advertising Are Different

How Internet Marketing And Internet Advertising Are Different

While both internet marketing and internet advertising allow skilled professionals to utilize the internet as a channel for promoting brands, products and services, there remains to be an argument as to which term is more appropriate to use. Wikipedia, for instance, defines online or internet advertising as a form of promotion that uses the internet to deliver marketing messages to prospective customers. On the other hand, it defines internet or web marketing as the promotion of products and services over the internet.


However, after doing some research, it turned out that their purpose – to promote products and services online – is the only thing that makes them the same. In all other aspects of their existence, internet marketing and internet advertising are two very different concepts of web promotion. Here, I try to give a brief understanding of the difference between these two concepts and hope that they be used more appropriately by internet users and professionals.

Internet marketing is the bigger concept while online advertising is just one part of the pie.

After reading several materials online, I came to believe that the biggest difference between internet marketing and internet advertising is how they use the internet for their promotions. Internet marketing is a big concept that includes SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Email marketing, Referral Marketing and Content Marketing. So where is online advertising? Online advertising is what comes with the marketing materials. For instance, an ad attached to an email marketing letter is a form of internet advertising. In other words, online advertising is just part of the marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing is NOT Just Marketing on the Internet. Internet Advertising is NOT Just Advertising on the internet.

It should be noted that internet marketing is not limited to marketing on the internet because this term actually refers to marketing done with the use of the internet. Given this definition, it just means that internet marketing also involves email (email marketing) and wireless media (mobile marketing).

On the other hand, internet advertising is not limited to contextual ads put up on websites (online advertisement). Research found that online advertising actually includes mobile advertising, email ads, banner ads, search engine results pages, blogs, and online classified ads and media ads. These types are often handled by an ad server, or the system responsible for handling online ads.

Internet Marketing is More Rigorous than Internet Advertising.

As discussed in the first item, internet marketing is a big concept that involves a great deal of attention once pursued. The internet marketer, hence, faces a lot of responsibilities as compared to a person who handles online advertising in the company.

Internet advertising is more budget friendly and can even help a company earn from its ads.

Because of the different types of internet advertising, a business owner can actually earn a lot on internet advertising. While ads are expensive in some sites, the systematic approach of online advertising has made it more practical to avail nowadays. Cost Per Mile, Cost Per Visitor, Cost Per View, Cost Per Click (Pay Per Click), Cost Per Action, Cost Per Conversion and Fixed Cost are the different types of online advertisements available today. Faster ROI, thus, is more possible with internet advertising.

On the other hand, internet marketing strategies are often done without a fee but may require the assistance of an expert to be able to work well for the company. A social media marketer’s talent fee, for instance, would cost more than placing an ad online.

If you’re having a hard time identifying which of two must first be prioritized, remember that even in traditional companies, marketing and advertising work best when they are hand in hand. Hiring an internet marketing professional would be best to help identify which strategies could work better for the nature of the company, its target market, and its budget.

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    Wow nice blog.I am impressed.

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    Clear and detailed information about Internet Marketing vs Advertising. Solved lot of Confusions and explained importance of each.Thanks

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    Wow thank you so much for the great definition and solutions…! was quite confused about both the types…. thanks for the post… 🙂

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    Now that you have me thinking about it, internet marketing IS the bigger picture. There are definitely more options to marketing under the internet marketing umbrella than online advertising. I would like to try every aspect of Internet marketing that makes “cents.”

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    This site has been more informing than most of the books I’ve read…so Thank You!!

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    I would say through the post it is made more clear that the a great difference exists between the internet marketing and internet advertising and internet marketing is a bigger concept than advertising.. nice post..

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    I had completely no idea that there was such a huge difference between the two

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    Thanks for a great article, Maria. It’s interesting about the distinction you make between the two. Sad fact is the internet marketing has a pretty bad reputation about it – mainly due to some of the get-rich-quick crowd – whereas online advertising has a much more “corporate” feel to it if you know what I mean. Truth is, as you say, that internet marketing involves many disciplines (even using offline methods to generate business) and talented internet marketers will always be in demand.

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