4 Reasons to Use Facebook Lead Ads

4 Reasons to Use Facebook Lead Ads

Your Facebook campaigns are performing well, so you should just keep doing what you’re doing, right? Well, not quite. Think of all the reasons why you already use Facebook to generate leads, and then ask yourself how you can make it even easier for the user to submit their valuable information to your company. Cue Facebook Lead Ads.

The following are just four of the many reasons why you should consider using Facebook Lead Ads for your next lead generation campaign.

1. Smooth and Friendly UI

When it comes to User Interface, you can count on Facebook to have done it right. Lead Ads are sleek, to the point, and encourages a form fill out. Why send your potential leads to your site, giving them that precious fraction of a second to reconsider entering in their email? The less trips they have to take, the more likely you will get the lead.

2. No Landing Page, No Problem

If your Facebook ads are generating the leads you need at a much higher conversion rate, what becomes of your LP? Your Facebook settings will allow you to target mobile and desktop users differently, so be sure to take full advantage of that.

It is important to note the growing number of mobile users here. In 2017, we’ve seen over 55% of website visits come from a mobile device. Even more so, they spend less time on websites than when using a desktop device. So, if bounce rate means anything, asking the user to leave Facebook to fill out a form is asking for a lot in this day and age.

3. Great for Retargeting

If they clicked n your Facebook Ad the first time, chances are high that they’ll do so again. Your lead is now ready for retargeting. Whether you have a new campaign or are building on the initial one -- Facebook can recognize this user as a second round target. Knowing you already have their information will only feed the machine the power it needs to get them back within your reach. Facebook is almost doing all the work for you -- you should send a thank you note.

4. Improved Conversion Rates

Lead Ads are feeding off the smartphone and tablet epidemic. Less time on websites via mobile devices means your site isn’t capable of providing the conversion rate it did years ago. Go where the consumers are, and where people are spending an average of 40 minutes on Facebook daily -- they’re not waiting to crack open their laptop to do so either. The math adds up and Facebook Lead Ads are taking the cake.

Don’t throw your Landing page in the waste bucket just yet, it’s equally a goldmine with desktop users. Set Lead Ads for mobile and LP for desktop, then watch your conversion rate climb. A holistic campaign with accurate targeting tactics will include both of these mechanisms. Happy Campaigning!

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