4 Important Things To Include In Your Facebook Marketing Videos

4 Important Things To Include In Your Facebook Marketing Videos

Facebook is not just a billion-member backed social media platform but also a great marketing platform. Facebook has put its focus towards establishing itself as a major video platform by encouraging prominent players to utilize its vast network. Creating a marketing video for Facebook has turned out a great way of interacting with a live audience and get some excellent mileage for the product and service quickly. Here are three essential things to include in your Facebook marketing videos.

Focus on Video Intro to Make Your Brand Stand Out

With any video on Facebook, people get to see the ‘intro’ right in the beginning, and it becomes a key deciding factor. Video intro always remains short and helps the user understand what this video will be all about through text, voiceover or short title screen. Carefully introduce your brand via intro by using the same brand font, colour, logo and taglines. Some popular channels play an eight seconds intro sequence which showcases everything a user is going to see in the video. 

Some play a synchronized animation which transforms into the logo and helps people in getting an idea what this video or channel deal with. Very soon people start associating specific sound, log or catchphrase seen exclusively in the video intro with brand or channel. There are several intro makers available both on the web and in the form of app or software which can help in creating engaging intros.

Facebook Video Marketing

Keep Your Introduction Short and to the Point

Best video intros are within 8 seconds, and a huge number of popular Facebook Pages and video content creator follows it. It’s better to keep your video intros short, precise and to the point. You should be able to tell viewers what your channel or video is all about within 10 seconds at max. Even most of the intro maker offers the broadest range of intro video templates in between 5 to 10 seconds.

Secondly, the drop rate for any video online is around the 30-second mark. In simple words, if you are unable to engage and convince the user to watch the video within 30 seconds, then they are going to drop your video in favour of others. It would come as a surprise that there are also many high performing channels which have video intro or 20 or 30 seconds.

Hook Up Your Audience with An Option at the End

Nobody wants to let go of their viewership, and video outro is aimed at increasing the chances of retaining the viewers. Video outros are played at the end of Facebook, and it can as long as a minute. If your outro video tends to have more additional video footage, then it’s better to add captions or subtitle. One should never forget to add the most needed call to action button in the Facebook marketing video. InVideo is exceptional outro maker tool which enables users to create highly customizable outros for their Facebook marketing videos. If you wish to add some voice over to the outro video then also InVideo will be the right choice of outro maker here.

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