LinkedIn’s New Algorithm Update: Everything You Need to Know

LinkedIn’s New Algorithm Update: Everything You Need to Know

Today, social networking has become more popular for giving people opportunities to advance their careers. Long gone are the days when you had to look for job listings in the newspaper or contact an agency to find out about companies that were hiring. Now that we’re living in the fast-paced digital age, we have access to information on leading companies and industry professionals, all at our fingertips—that’s where LinkedIn comes in.

Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved to become more than a job portal for those actively seeking employment. It showcases all the nitty-gritty details about people’s professional backgrounds in their profiles. The platform also offers suggestions for following experts in similar industries to expand your network. On top of that, it provides a hub for sharing online content, whether that be longer content in the form of a blog, for example, or something more short and sweet, like a meme.

Speaking of content, LinkedIn recently rolled out some new algorithm updates worth sharing. You might want to brace yourself because these changes are expected to drastically change the type of online content that pops up on people’s feeds. Whether you’re a digital marketing specialist, content creator or business owner, it’s pivotal to stay in the loop with the latest changes so that you don’t fall behind.

In this blog, we will be diving into LinkedIn’s latest algorithm update in February, including the shift to posting evergreen content, the importance of long-form content and user engagement, and changes to LinkedIn’s Creator Mode. By the time you’re done reading this, you will have all the information you need to take full advantage of LinkedIn’s new updates.


LinkedIn's New Algorithm Update: Everything You Need to Know


Why LinkedIn's Algorithm Is a Game-Changer

Back in February, LinkedIn’s editor-in-chief, Dan Roth, revealed that LinkedIn’s new algorithm changes would place more emphasis on valuable, evergreen content, as opposed to content that is trending or clickbait.

Normally, posts on LinkedIn will disappear from people’s feeds after a few days. However, with LinkedIn’s new update, certain posts will be featured as a special “suggested post” instead, depending on whether LinkedIn identifies that users find the content useful. 

The main goal of this monumental change is to connect professionals to better economic opportunities by providing them with niche, valuable content that allows them to grow and refine their skills. 

Furthermore, instead of timely topics, it’s better for LinkedIn users to post in-depth, insightful articles that are not only relevant to their interests, but that people won’t find elsewhere. That way, you can create content that resonates with your audience and fosters meaningful conversations. This new approach provides a perfect opportunity to enhance your reputation as a trustworthy professional.

The recent update allows LinkedIn to position itself as the preferred platform for experts across various industries. In other words, this shift offers an opportunity for businesses or digital marketing experts to become the go-to authority in their field, with their followers helping to amplify their reach.

The Rise of Long-Form Content

A significant change in LinkedIn’s algorithm update is the increased emphasis on long-form content. LinkedIn has recognized that users are seeking more substantial information than what typical social media posts offer. Thus, the platform encourages more extensive articles that provide valuable insights to the audience.

Crafting long-form content is a golden opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise and credibility. By focusing on in-depth articles about complex and current topics, you can establish yourself as a subject-matter expert and attract an engaged readership.

Consider this: when was the last time a post on LinkedIn truly captivated you? Chances are that it was crafted by a professional writer who provided a unique perspective and offered step-by-step solutions, rather than a quick update about internal changes. 

If you’re a business owner or digital marketing specialist and haven’t prioritized posting long-form content on your LinkedIn, this is your sign to start now. LinkedIn now rewards sharing more authentic, substantial content, and taking this step will bring you closer to experiencing exponential engagement.

Driving User Engagement

One of the key elements that LinkedIn's recent update emphasizes is the platform's focus on user engagement. The order of the feed heavily favours content that generates real engagement, such as comments, shares, or likes. This means that merely posting updates that are superficial or trendy will not be as effective as creating content that fosters a connection with your audience.

Understanding the needs and challenges of your prospective customers is crucial. If you don’t know where to start, create content that addresses your target audience’s specific situations and difficulties, encourage interaction by posing questions, and invite them to share their own experiences. As a digital marketing expert or content creator, developing a culture of community and dialogue will do wonders with enhancing your visibility.

Keep in mind that the algorithm prioritizes content that leads to user engagement. This suggests that you should focus on producing high-quality content rather than merely increasing the quantity of your posts. Invest time in crafting compelling, value-packed content that will resonate with your audience.

Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn’s New Tools

Along with the announcement of its new algorithm update, LinkedIn introduced several innovative tools designed to enhance user connectivity on its platform. Here's what's new:

  • Custom Button: Premium members now have the ability to add a clickable hyperlink or a "custom button" that shows up on their profile and all their posts. At present, this button can display a few limited phrases like "Visit my website" and "Book an appointment”, but additional phrases should be available soon.
  • Verified Badge: LinkedIn now features a small badge on users’ profiles after they are verified. The purpose of the badge is to show the user as a more trustworthy figure in their industry and help boost more reliable connections. However, it doesn't increase the visibility of their posts.
  • Thought Leadership Ads: Organizations with a company page can now boost posts by others, such as those who commend their products. This promotional tool is intended for corporate use.
  • Newsletters: Even though LinkedIn's newsletter feature has been in development for years, it already has 550 million subscribers across 156,000 newsletters. While it currently lacks some of the functionalities available on other major platforms, like ConvertKit and Substack, LinkedIn is looking to enhance this feature and directly compete in the newsletter space.
  • Creator Mode: LinkedIn has previously offered users the option to enable "Creator Mode," which provides tools like LinkedIn Live, audio events, and detailed post analytics. Alongside the new update, the Creator Mode tools have been integrated directly into every user's profile, eliminating the need to switch in and out of different modes.

Why LinkedIn Is Moving Away from the Term "Creator"

Over the past few years, LinkedIn has embraced the term "creator," hosting programs specifically for content creators. However, the term "creator" has gradually been phased out from the platform. 

The reason for the shift is that many members don’t identify with that specific term. In other words, there are industry professionals with job titles, like “doctor” or “lawyer” who prefer not to be perceived as a creator.

However, this doesn’t mean LinkedIn is abandoning individuals who see themselves as "creators." Instead, these individuals represent just a fraction of LinkedIn's broader and more diverse user base.

Adapting to the New Normal

LinkedIn's new algorithm update necessitates modifying your content creation and engagement strategies to see your profile flourish. Here are some key steps to ensure your success on the platform:

  • Audit Your Existing Content: Review your previous posts and articles to identify those that have performed well in terms of engagement. Use these insights to guide your future content creation efforts.

  • Invest in Long-Form Content: Dedicate more time and resources to crafting comprehensive, value-driven long-form articles that showcase your expertise and thought leadership. This is your opportunity to really let your knowledge shine.

  • Optimize for Engagement: Shift your focus from vanity metrics, including likes and shares, to generating meaningful interactions, such as comments and substantive discussions. Remember, it's all about fostering a two-way dialogue with your audience.

  • Leverage LinkedIn Creator Mode: Take advantage of the integrated Creator Mode tools to amplify your content and grow your following. Not only will this give you increased exposure, but also distinguish you as an authority figure in your industry. 

  • Stay Agile and Adaptable: Keep a close eye on the evolving trends and updates within LinkedIn's algorithm, and be prepared to adjust your strategy accordingly. The platform is constantly evolving, so you need to be ready to pivot at any moment's notice.

As you adhere to these tips and maintain a focus on authenticity and quality, you'll be well-prepared to navigate LinkedIn’s recent changes. Now, let's move up to the next level and master LinkedIn!


LinkedIn's new algorithm update highlights the importance of prioritizing in-depth, quality content that fosters genuine user engagement. By embracing evergreen, long-form content, enhancing user engagement, and leveraging the features of LinkedIn’s new tools and integrated Creator Mode tools, you can establish yourself as a well-known and respected thought leader within your niche. 

Don’t forget: always prioritize authenticity and quality above all else! By doing so, you will undoubtedly find success with your brand on LinkedIn—and beyond.

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