Landing Page Best Practices: How To Design The Perfect Landing Page [INFOGRAPHIC]

Landing Page Best Practices

Each year, Pay-Per-Click advertising becomes more expensive. If you are driving traffic to a landing page, it’s essential to follow best practice in page layout to remain cost-effective. Once a person clicks your ad, it’s up to the landing page to close the deal. There’s no sense in having a great ad that drives people to an irrelevant and hard-to-use landing page.

Do your potential customers a favour by creating a landing page that:

  • Speaks to what they’re searching for
  • Has a clear call-to-action
  • Has content that relates to your ad copy
  • Has a clear way for customers to contact you

Another key element is to make sure your landing page is viewable across devices. This is known as responsive design. There are tons more tips we’ve included, so be sure to read, bookmark and share this infographic!

We’ve designed this tool to help you create Pay-Per-Click landing pages that increase your leads! Please feel free to embed this on your own website by copying the embed code directly beneath the graphic.

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Thanks and happy pay-per-clicking!

Infographics Landing Page Best Practices

A very big thanks to Rajesh Balakrishnan, Sheniya S and Saumya Venugopal for their fantastic design!

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    I have created my main page to be thelanding page, unless I am promoting my latest blog. At that point, I add the direct link to that particular blog.
    On my landing page, I have relevant links to the important sections on the website.
    This is a great article. Thank you for taking your time to share the information with us.

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    Shawn Gossman- while I am not a professional, I do believe a good landing page is still a good idea for any website. If I’m a random person who comes across your blog, you got to hook me with that landing page or I will probably just click ‘Back’ and move on to something else. Human’s have short attention spans and if something looks ‘too boring’, ‘too difficult’, or irrelevant, we will just move on. Your landing page is the bait on your hook. Your ads are just the shiny sparkle that makes the fishies come closer for a look.

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    Shawn Gossman 


    I am trying to decide whether or not I even need a landing page on my blog. I sometimes wonder if landing pages are even necessary because they get in the way of the blog itself. What do you think?

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