This Month: Internet of Things Marketing, Twitter Notes, and More! 

This Month In Internet Marketing

July is on its way out, so it’s time to explore some exciting things that happened this month in the marketing world. We’ve taken a look around the internet and chosen five essential marketing updates to share with you.

Discover six marketing campaigns that raised the bar for using the Internet of things, learn about the impact of Google’s latest core update from May 2022, and so much more. We’ve got a great selection of must-know news from this month in marketing.

6 Internet of Things Marketing Examples You Should Know About

This Month In Internet Marketing

As marketers, we know all about the importance of integration. One marketing strategy on its own is fine, but integrating it with additional forms of marketing is the best way to guarantee results.

These six examples provided by Hubspot demonstrate how marketing integration goes beyond the digital; these companies combined digital marketing with physical products to see massive success.

The term “Internet of Things” refers to the connection of physical products and items to the internet. IoT examples are everywhere and growing more common every day, from smart light switches and televisions to security cameras and doorbells you can monitor on your phone.

These six marketing campaigns utilized IoT items to support their marketing efforts and saw fantastic results. A few of those campaigns include:

  • Heineken: Popular beer brand Heineken recently launched a campaign to promote healthier work/life separation. They launched a giveaway, sending selected customers a Bluetooth bottle opener that, when used, connects with their phone and shuts down work-related apps.
  • Diageo: This alcohol and beverage company took a unique approach to marketing when they unveiled a Johnnie Walker Blue Label line in a “smart bottle.” The smart bottle featured a code to be scanned by a smartphone, and customers who did so could read a targeted message meant to enhance their brand experience.
  • Allen Solly: Indian clothing brand Allen Solly found a new way to leverage social media with an interactive billboard. When users tweeted #RainingSolly, the billboard was notified, prompting it to dispense a T-shirt that random customers would be able to win. This is a fantastic example of integrating multiple marketing strategies to create a unique and memorable customer experience.

Click the above link to read more about how these brands have used IoT to boost their marketing efforts.

Google’s May 2022 Core Update: What’s the Impact So Far?

This Month In Internet Marketing

In May 2022, a core update to Google’s systems and algorithms was released. While not much information was available at the time, two months into the new update, we are beginning to get a better understanding of how these changes work.

Search Engine Journal has analyzed the impact of this update and provided vital information on what marketers can expect to see going forward, including who would experience the biggest boost (and losses) in visibility.

While SEJ’s research suggests that specific niches or industries have not been targeted by the update, wins and losses in visibility can be seen for specific types of websites and apps.

Retail and eCommerce websites such as Amazon and Etsy have seen an increase in their visibility, along with video hosting platforms such as TikTok. These changes reflect how internet usage is changing, as the last few years have seen a sharp increase in online shopping and demand for video content.

Websites that have taken a loss include general news websites and reference pages (including dictionary and informational pages).

Want to learn more about the impact of Google’s May 2022 Update? Check out the link above!

If your brand writes, write Twitter Notes

This Month In Internet Marketing

Twitter has begun testing a brand new feature to introduce the option for long-form writing to its platform. The social media site is best known for its limited-character format, causing users to express their thoughts in 280 characters or less.

However, demand for the ability to write something a bit longer has never slowed, and while the implementation of Twitter threads was helpful, it still didn’t quite solve the issue.

Their latest answer to this is “Notes,” an in-app tool that will allow users to write blogs, newsletters and other long-form content.

Marketing Brew believes that this latest tool (which is still being developed) will be vital for brands that create long-form content.

Allowing for blogs, newsletters, and other long-form writing to be hosted directly on Twitter will be an incredible way for brands to promote their content efforts directly on social media.

Curious to learn more about what Twitter Notes may mean for marketers? Check the above link!

How to Create a Blogger Outreach Strategy and Build Quality Backlinks

This Month In Internet Marketing

Anyone who’s dipped their toe into the pool of SEO marketing knows the importance of building quality backlinks. When other high-authority websites link back to your blog or content, it offers a boost in your rankings. But getting those quality backlinks is easier said than done.

There are many methods marketers can use to get the backlinks they need, and blogger outreach is one of them.

This method is exactly what it sounds like; reaching out to bloggers and influencers and forming a connection to get those links. But who should you be reaching out to and how? Here are some methods for optimizing your blogger outreach strategy:

Find the Right Prospects

This step is self-explanatory. Before reaching out to bloggers, you must know where to reach. Start by finding relevant bloggers in your niche.

You're unlikely to get responses if you just send hundreds of generic emails to everyone with a blog or a website.

Instead, focus on crafting personalized messages to relevant bloggers who provide a suitable match for your goals.

Segment Prospects into Suitable Categories

Segmenting your prospects allows you to narrow your search further and ensure you’re forming connections that are appropriately aligned with your goals.

You may find it more helpful to reach out to several bloggers with small but dedicated audiences than to attempt to get backlinks from one or two bigger names.

Once you’ve figured out your strategy and what you’d like to achieve, you can review your blogger segments and determine which group best fits your goals.

Build Lasting Relationships

Your blogger outreach strategy doesn’t end when you’ve gotten the backlinks you need. Once you’ve initiated a connection with a blogger or influencer, don’t let it go to waste.

Forming a lasting and personal connection is a great way to solidify your network.

Having a network of known bloggers working in your niche allows you to reach out again for future connections, backlinks and collaborations. Turning this one-time connection into a working relationship can guarantee that you both will benefit in the long run.

Check out the link above to learn more about utilizing blogger outreach to gain quality backlinks.

How To Use AI-Generated Content the Right Way (and Avoid the Downsides)

This Month In Internet Marketing

AI-written content has recently seen a massive increase in popularity, causing some marketers a lot of frustration.

Content and copywriters fear that they will be replaced by AI-writing programs, which can turn out writing faster and more efficiently than a human being ever could.

Fortunately, these fears some largely unfounded. While it can be tricky to determine if AI wrote a blog or article, they often don’t read right and may produce similar results for multiple users depending on the input.

So while that’s good news for most of us, writers leaning on AI to help them meet deadlines will be disappointed (but since trying to pass AI-written content off as your own intersects both spam and plagiarism, you shouldn't be doing that, anyhow).

If it’s not going to replace writers by coming up with entire blogs or perfect copy on its own, then what can AI-writing programs do, and how can we use them?

Content Marketing Insitute used an AI copywriter to determine the program's strengths and weaknesses and suggests the programs can be best utilized in to:

  • Fight writers’ block
  • Create an (extremely rough) first draft
  • Conduct AI-powered research

To learn more about using AI-writing programs as a writer’s tool, visit the link above.

Wrap Up

In the digital age, things can move pretty quickly. There’s not much time to sit back and catch up on what happened last week or the week before because new things are happening all the time!

Even with so much happening all at once, at Techwyse, we do our best to stay up-to-date on all things digital marketing to provide our readers with some great updates they may have missed.

To sum it all up, first, we went over six well-executed examples of marketing using the Internet of Things. Brands like Heineken and Diageo are pushing the boundaries of what we consider digital marketing and seeing fantastic results for their efforts!

Next, we learned about the impact of Google’s core update from May 2022. Not much information was released alongside this update, so marketers are still working to gather data and analyze what the changes will mean going forward.

Online retailers and eCommerce websites such as Amazon and eBay seem to have benefited from this update, while informational pages such as dictionaries and general news sites have taken a hit.

After that, we went through an update regarding a new feature being tested by Twitter, a long-form writing tool called Notes. This tool is still in development, but once implemented, it will provide an invaluable tool for marketers to integrate social media and long-form content.

Then we have a blog detailing the best way to create a blogger outreach strategy to get high-quality backlinks to your content!

This blog offers some excellent advice for reaching out and forming connections with bloggers and influencers.

Finally, we discussed the contentious topic of AI-content writer programs. While these AI programs aren’t replacing human writers, they provide a great tool to assist writers with research and drafting.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? We’d love to hear your feedback!

We’ll be back next month with five new articles for you. In the meantime, if you’re looking to learn more, please check out our existing blogs that cover various digital marketing topics!

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