The Importance of Personalization in Digital Marketing

The Importance of Personalization in Digital Marketing

The past couple of years have radically changed the way we function as a society, and in turn, businesses have had to shift the way they market themselves. The pandemic has sped up the development of technology and companies have had to embrace it to survive. With everyone staying at home, brands were forced to go digital. The downside to the digital route is you can lose personalization within a business. Now you’re probably wondering: why is personalization in digital marketing important and how do I do it? Well, let me tell you. 

The Switch to Digital Marketing 

Now that a lot of exchanges are done online, brands have to shift their ways in order to keep that personalized experience alive that you used to only be able to get from doing business in person. With this change to a more digital route, customer loyalty is put on the line. Studies have shown that if businesses fail to provide a personalized consumer experience, 44% of people are more likely to bring their business somewhere else. On top of that, 60% of customers are more likely to turn into repeat consumers if they received and continue to receive a personalized experience from the brand. 

Approximately a third of people say they value personalization over cost and convenience. Therefore, investing time into the personalization of your company is just investing in the loyalty of consumers and improving your sales funnel. 

The Importance of Personalization 

Personalization is the process of knowing the preferences and needs of your customers in order for you to present them with what they want when they want it. Communication is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to personalization in digital marketing. If done right, this can improve customer retention, which will ultimately lead to an increase in sales. 

Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks you can implement to improve personalization and your customer's experience: 

Questions Are Key

Know your customer

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The first step towards personalization within your business is asking yourself how well you know your customers. A key part of the equation is asking the right questions to continuously improve their experience. Are they happy with your services? What are some ways they think you could improve? These are important to understand in order to expand and continuously adapt to a market that is quickly changing. 

Create Dynamic Content 

There are multiple ways to achieve personalization in your brand. One easy step to take is creating dynamic content, such as an ad, landing page, or website that adapts to multiple consumer interests. For example, a dynamic landing page is a page that changes based on what the consumer is searching for. It displays content tailored to the person who is viewing it based on their needs. 

Similarly, certain pages of your website will show up that correlate with the keywords people are searching for to bring them to the appropriate page that they are most likely to get what they are looking for and convert. 

Utilize Video/Imagery to Your Advantage

Another way to achieve personalization within your brand is through videos and pictures of your staff and the products you offer. In the development of the digital age, people love seeing videos and pictures of a person they can relate to. Videos and pictures create an interactive nature that people have become addicted to. 

In addition, expressing important brand messages through videos and images allow people to retain the information better. This is especially true for videos because in this day and age 68% of people prefer to watch informative videos rather than having to read them. Therefore, businesses should use this to their advantage in order to achieve their personalization goals. 

Is Your Website Optimized for Conversions? 

Did you know that most people that land on your website have zero intention of actually making any kind of purchase? They are usually just looking for information. What if I told you there were simple tweaks you could make to your website in order to capture those people that originally didn’t plan on converting? 

Creating more forms and pop-up buttons throughout your website increases the chances of converting a visitor into a lead. This follows the simple practices of conversion rate optimization to help structure your website to best persuade consumers to make a purchase or contact you. 

Omnichannel Personalization 

Is your online presence consistent across multiple platforms? Another aspect is understanding where your consumers are coming from. With so many digital and physical access points, it can be difficult to figure out where and how consumers discovered your business. This is very understandable, especially because consumers can find your business through multiple conversion channels before converting it into a sale. 

With that being said, it is important to have consistency in consumer experience across all channels. Believe it or not, 75% of businesses are failing to present omnichannel personalization to their customers. In order to accomplish the consistent personalization that the customer expects across these omnichannel experiences, businesses need to invest in technology to help. Insight into your business's CRM will help you unlock resources to understand your customers and continuously create unique consumer journeys to meet all of their needs. 

We Can Help

The value of adding personalization into your digital presence is more than you know. It has a major effect on consumers' purchase choices. There are simple changes you can make in your strategy such as dynamic content, engaging videos, and asking the right questions that will all help you achieve personalized within your online brand presence. Our team can help guide you and accomplish your goals through our wide variety of services. Invest in the digital customer experience and the technology that helps you do just that and the rest will fall into place. Contact us today for more information! 

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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