How to Boost Your SEO Rankings With Visual Content

How to Boost Your SEO Rankings With Visual Content

Initially, everybody fought to develop bulk content that was rich in resourceful keywords in order to reach the perfect target audience. The primary function of keywords was to impact the Search Engine Optimization strategies and to rank higher for content on search engines.

As the world evolves, the internet is becoming full of visual stories and content. Nowadays, people can easily learn and absorb fruitful information on the internet without much struggle thanks to infographics and visual content.

However, most across the globe are busy and lack time to scroll through large blocks of data and statistics to gain reputable insights. Most people prefer using the shortest route possible to acquire vibrant information from the internet.

Besides, the human brain is wired in a manner that it can easily absorb visual content compared to blocks of text; making vivid forms of imagery an effective and efficient means of communicating to the members of your target audience.

Many people are wondering how to boost SEO with visual content. This article unveils detailed information regarding this topic. Let's get started!

Visual Content

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it is crucial to understand what the term visual content refers to. As the name suggests, visual content relates directly to the type of content that is primarily image-based. The images visualize the entire information making it easily digestible.

Alternatively, visual content allows the readers to absorb the information better and within the shortest time possible compared to regular content blocks. Readers can easily comprehend this information even while commuting or sipping their breakfast tea.

Visual content requires minimal effort to understand and extract vital points. There are four common types of visual content that are considered powerful tools for boosting your SEO strategies.

  • Videos

When you think of creating marketing content, try to think of videos and demos as well as explainer videos. Videos are known to be an exceptional tool when it comes to explaining various things to the members of the public. They give practical insights necessary for persuading the public member while targeting specific products and services.

  • GIFs/Memes

Memes are a fun and quirky image that will help make a specific business brand stand out. GIFs are excellent SEO strategies since they easily grab the attention of the public, and encourages them to peruse the content.

  • Images

Images are the most common types of visual content used by most people across the globe. They are excellent since they illustrate the ideas being discussed on blog posts giving precise forms of imagery in the mind of the readers. They persuade readers to continue reading through the content to understand more about what is illustrated.

  • Infographics

Infographics are a special kind of visual content used when delivering important data and different forms of statistics. The data is displayed in an eye-pleasing manner to ensure that the target audience has read through the content.

The infographics are arranged in a manner that the reader should not have a problem understanding what is being discussed. The reader should easily understand every bit of the content displayed.

After having a clear glimpse of the top types of visual content available in the market, it is vital to understand how they can boost your search engine rankings. Let’s break the ice!

Visual Content Guides Readers through the Content

Even though you might craft exceptional pieces of content, most readers do not have a lot of time to read through the content even if it’s well written. To keep the visitors flowing through the content, you need to offer them some guidance in the form of visuals.

To make it more compelling, you need to incorporate things such as infographics, charts (scatter plot chart, data flow charts, comparison chart, line chart, cash flow chart, and many more in a row) & screenshots. This will help you visualize the concepts you present more persuasively and push the visitors down the page.

Also, breaking the content down into segments with visuals related to the content gives them time to take a break and soak what they have read. The visitors can spend some time checking through the visuals to understand what is being discussed.

When the reader breaks after reading a particular piece of content, they can easily get the visuals explaining the complex bits of the content.  Moreover, visuals attract prospects' attention, persuading them to read or even continue reading through the entire content.

Improves Rankings on SERPs

Most people still find it a mystery when it comes to understanding how the Google algorithm operates, especially when ranking content. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that visual content can help your website rank on the first page.

According to the analysis done by the internet users, 91% of the public members prefer the consumption of visual content compared to large blocks of text. Even if the Google algorithm is updated, quality content will always attract prospects to your website.

This clearly indicates that quality content remains the mastermind of the game. Besides, it is vital to understand that Google does not have the capabilities of seeing visual types of content. However, with improved levels of machine learning, Google can translate visual content.

Machine learning has the capabilities of learning visual types of content by matching them with one another and identifying the general meaning of the visuals. Blog posts that incorporate videos are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of the search engine.

The research done across different types of content has proved that visual content has a significant contribution when it comes to ranking content on the first page of Google.

Creation of More Backlinks

Do you know that backlinks have a significant contribution when it comes to boosting your SEO strategies? Now you know! However, the problems come in when you want to generate more backlinks for your website.

Note that you can unlock tons of backlinks when you make good use of visual content. Using different types of content, such as infographics, has the capability of bringing you valuable and high-quality backlinks that will significantly boost your SEO rankings.

Besides, backlinks improve the authority and credibility of your website, making it rank high on search engines. Remember that infographics have the ability to compress large blocks of data into a small and compelling manner that can easily attract your target audience.

When you create an engaging infographic, you are likely to receive 62% more backlinks when compared to empty blocks of plain content. Note that the more you generate insightful content, the more other potential websites use it as a resource to their content requirements.

You can decide and carry out an outreach campaign whereby you further approach potential website owners to feature your visual content on their website. This will greatly help you boost your SEO capabilities and rank your site high.

Elevates Readability and Interest

It is evident that visual content is more appealing and easier when it comes to the eyes compared to plain text. It is no surprise that visuals can increase the urge for prospects to read through the content by more than 80%.

In addition, it helps by breaking up large chunks of paragraphs into easily readable bits. It makes the content visually appealing and easy for the readers to comprehend the message being conveyed. In turn, this gives readers an incredible experience.

Focusing too much on large blocks of paragraphs will likely scare away potential visitors. This will make your site rank poorly on search engines. Remember that many people do not have the energy and time to read through lengthy content.

This will make prospects quit immediately they find out that the entire page is full of large volumes of text. This will then impact your bounce rate and harm your SEO practices on the page contributing to poor results.

Visual Content Retains Prospects on the Page for Long

The primary stat for the Google algorithm is the number of times prospects spend once they have opened a particular page. If a visitor opens your page and leaves within ten seconds, that symbolizes that the type of content on the page is poor.

Through content visualization, you can place an image or a video in the middle of the content. The visitors will spend some time opening the video to get more information about what is being discussed.

The visitors are likely to spend an average of three minutes on your page watching the video. This will significantly impact your SEO practices and improve your ranking on search engines.


Even though content visualization is an excellent strategy for boosting your SEO practices, you need to invest in a good and high-quality type of visuals. Besides, you need to channel your efforts in generating compelling visuals that are directly related to the kind of content you are creating.

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