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What To Do With Your Unwanted Content?

Content Marketing October 3rd, 2013


content pie

Whether you provide SEO services to businesses, whether you run a website or blog, or whether you do any other kind of work online, chances are that you’re going to deal with content on a regular basis and that writing is going to make up a large proportion of your work.

In fact in many ways, articles and writing are some of your most important assets. The more high-quality content you write, the quicker your site will rise through the rankings of Google, the more pages you will have to put advertising on, and the more visitors you’ll get reading your site.

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But like any asset, you need to invest time and energy into creating that content. The crux of your business then almost comes down to how cheaply you can get great quality articles and how well you can then market those to your clients or to your audience.

And also important is being efficient with those articles. Waste a lot of time writing content that you can’t use or that isn’t successful, and you’ll lose money and bloat your site. That’s why it’s so crucial to think about what you’re writing, to hone your ability to write quickly and well, and to think about how best to monetise that writing.

Part of this efficiency is knowing how to reduce waste, which in turn means finding ways to use up the old content that you can’t use on your main sites. Here we will look at some of your options so that no amount of effort or investment goes wasted.

Use Them On Another Site

One option is to put your new content on another site. This could mean creating a small blog for instance and filling it with just a few of your lower-quality articles in order to be able to offer readers something on top of your main site. With these smaller sites you could write about a slightly different niche without worrying as much about hurting your brand, and you could also use them to build links.

Make Another Product

If you don’t want to use the content on a website, you might be able to put them to use in other ways. A perfect example of this could be to make a compendium of old content and sell it as an eBook or a physical book, or it could be to create an instruction ‘app’ to sell on Android. Best of all, duplicate content isn’t even an issue here as Google won’t have access to the content in PDF or APK form.

Sell Them

Another option is to sell your articles to other sites. While they might not be suitable for you, it may be that others can find uses for them if you offer them on a webmaster forum such as Digital Point or Warrior Forum.

Restructure Them

Some articles might not seem useable at first, but can be salvaged if you know what to do with them or if you find parts that can be used in lots of articles. If you have a fitness article for instance then that you’re not using, there’s no reason for you not to take a paragraph on how to do press ups and re-use it on another site.

There are many more things you can do with your old content too. So the take-home message is this: never delete your unwanted content – every paragraph has a value.

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Keith Terrell, is the owner of Orp Media, which offers the latest online services to its customers worldwide. He is a very helpful individual and he enjoys explaining to people what an SEO is and how it functions.

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What To Do With Your Unwanted Content?

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