How to Make Video Testimonials More Persuasive

How to Make Video Testimonials More Persuasive

Video testimonials become persuasive when the viewer is “in” the video. It is important to take the stance of a solution provider or the solution itself when you make video testimonials. Using videos is powerful because everyone relates to them. The viewer thinks of himself or herself as the “user” we present in the video and so believes most things they say. This is in stark contrast to the commercial advertisements where the company presents “facts” that no one wants to believe even though they are probably true.

More Than 70% of Viewers Believe Most statements in the Video

You can say almost anything in the video testimonial so make it count. A mere 11% cross-check facts presented in the video testimonial. So, if you present a solution - The Herbal Tea with Health Benefits, it is going to be the gospel truth. When there is competition in this niche, add more qualities - Fresh Darjeeling tea, Pure Aroma to Make Your Morning, and so on.

As long as they do not make outrageous statements, people will buy a product based on the video testimonial. All you have to do is, outdo the competition. If someone talks more than you, he will outsell in that niche. So, cover more points in your video, this is very important.

Consulting a Video Testimonial is Enough for 85% of Buyers

Shoppers who see a video testimonial will remain convinced about “how authentic the product is.” Never mind the fact that they didn't even see the product, they merely saw the label and that will tell them all about the product because the video testimonial is there. The person giving the testimonial says it works and that is enough to convince the viewer.

Air the Video Often

The only thing you have to do is to air your video more often so that all shoppers get to see it at least once a week. Once you do this, you have covered the entire market.

Creating video for video testimonial

Get a Regular Buyer or User to Give the Video Testimonial

When you choose a “user” for the video testimonial, choose one who has the following characteristics:

  • Personable
  • A regular customer
  • Good communicator

A Person with a Good Personality

The presenter you choose should have a good camera presence. They should be expressive, personable, and easy-going. In order to connect with your audience, they should be relatable and authentic.

Use a Regular Buyer

A regular buyer will know the product inside out. He is not likely to mix up the product with another in the market. This will help ease the doubts in the minds of the viewers about the identity of the product. Plus, he will be up to date (or else make him) with all the current promotions and coupons available.

Able to Speak Well

When the presenter of the testimonial talks, the viewer can judge whether he is trustworthy or not. If the person cannot communicate, the impact of the video gets lost. The viewers look to the presenter to confirm the product so that they can buy the product and use it. So, avoid people who are not sure about the product or have a hesitant manner of speech.

Mark the Advantage Clearly

It might be how your product has a better interface during presentations. Or, why your conference halls are better because of superior communications. You must bring it out in the first line of your video testimonial. But, be sure not to promote your product directly as this will make the viewer wary. When they see the video a second time, they will try to pick holes instead of taking your side.

Solve the Problem

Running your air conditioner through the day makes your power bills enormous. When you use gas air conditioners, this problem doesn't exist. Make this the first and the last line when you are promoting your brand of air conditioners. Or, if you have a water purifier that works in half the time as the regular one, the viewer will want to know more about it. Introduce it as the quick filter that works wonders and your video will be viral in no time.

Video Content Marketing

Show the Difference

Everyone has seen a refrigerator so your brand has to be first or unique in some way. If it is the only brand that makes ice within 10 minutes, you have a winner. It will give you the “ice” you need to make the video a “fireball.” You don't want to show the same things that are there in all the refrigerators.

Soothe the Fears

People have unfounded fears about products. This is true for a variety of beauty creams and bleaching lotions and the way to get around this is to allay the fears in a big way. Show a user who has used the cream for 5 years and tell how it changed the complexion and the life of the person. Show the viewer how safe the product is.

Keep the Video Brief

Most video testimonials last for 2-3 minutes at the most. Nobody wants to see someone cook a dish that goes on for 10 minutes. They have lots of things to see and do and will stop to see a video only if it is about 2 minutes long. If it is long, chop off the parts that do not contribute to the success of the product and make it brief.

Use Professional Video Makers

This is an important point. Professionals do not make the beginner’s mistakes. They know what is important in video making and what to avoid. So, it is worth spending some extra money on professionals who have 5-10 years of experience in making professional-quality videos. You will not have to spend time and effort in making the video. You only need to tell the video maker what you hope to achieve and they will make sure that it happens.

Promoting a product is important, using a video is powerful. Get the video testimonial done well and you have a winner. Check with the local video makers for help with making the video.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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